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Wix Offers us Builders and Templates

Wix Offers us Builders and Templates

The most hardcore benefit of using Wix is that it offers a complete range of three(3) editors to create a super-duper website. Every editor has its features and advantages, making work very easy and smooth, and multiple options save a lot of time.

The Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) editor is used for the clients who need simple sites. It is easy to use; we just have to answer a few questions, and we get our things done in no time.

Then comes the second one, which is a standard version. With this, our developers and designers get an option of customization and in-built templates, with a drag-and-drop editor. Another cool thing about this standard editor is that you can jump from ADI to it anytime you need it. The cherry on top is that we can enable the mobile-friendly view of our client’s site at any moment we need. The same goes for disabling.

The Editor X, the third one, has made Wix website design and development easy and smooth since its launch in 2020. This editor packs your design kit with upscaled abilities, like adjustable sizes of font, different styles, layout in the form of a grid, custom breakpoints, docking and modern control of sizing, and options for stacking and scaling media files. No doubt that the third editor, Editor X, is developed generously with the perspective of designers and developers and steps our team up with these hot features.






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