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      Digital Commerce Services 

      Crawlbytes is providing a list of digital commerce services all over the USA. We provide our services with free consultancy. If we can create a complete eCommerce website for you, we will give you a road map about how you can make money through your eCommerce website. We have an experienced Affordable Digital marketing Services team. Our Marketing team is leading around 500+ company projects for the last 10 years.

      In simple term, digital commerce is the beneficiary of Ecommerce which mean the Online buying and selling of products or services, through the website or social media platforms.

      Without human interference buying things online is the process of digital commerce. If eCommerce is fully automated then it is suitable. Right now from marketing, sales, and product dispatch to customers, it would be digital commerce.

      Fully Automation seems difficult to implement in running businesses but some world’s retail businesses already implement this process.

      This was in three steps:

      • Online Channels:
        • Connect online applications, devices, or data source
      • Order Management:
        • Manage real-time customer orders through intelligence
      • Location/Store Info:
        • Maximize supply chain to manage orders

      What is Digital Commerce?

      Digital commerce services are a new Method of selling your goods through websites or different social media platforms without any human intervention. With its fully automated process of e-commerce, Products, and goods are sold online.

      Features of Digital Commerce Services

      The element of purchasing decisions is used for all digital commerce accounts. The entire component is important, and the digital commerce experience would be bad without using them.

      Generally, Digital processes can create a road map and work on customer journeys. It will be not important if there is a product or service; the importance is to determine how we can successfully reach each purchase milestone. The developing user journeys that give the end user the same experience. The features of digital commerce are listed but not limited to:

      • A product Tag line, Image, Descriptions, and other media
      • Online Marketing, Run Multiple campaigns and engage customers through social media.
      • Analyze user data
      • Mapping user experience
      • Customer live support
      • Fulfillment of orders and managing supply chain
      • Content marketing

      Digital Commerce vs E-commerce 

      Why digital commerce is about more than just e-commerce? In the achievement process, there is a lot of lap over in Ecommerce and Digital commerce.

      Usually, e-commerce platform limits and website sales relate to online selling. However digital commerce is a device challenging and activity on a variety of platforms including applications, augmented reality, virtual reality, and websites.

      Ecommerce is selling something online. The advantage of eCommerce is to measure feature inventory stock by today’s revenue. It is the way eCommerce business is a more transactional online business.

      Digital commerce is mainly focused on the price of the product or service to engage customers in the buying process. Digital commerce usually works on content and mobile devices. The key successful metric of customer lifetime value (CLV), or is the customer revealingly buying products to increase lifetime revenue. Reducing the marketing cost is only possible when you’re the same customer buying repeatedly from the same brand, and the customer engages throughout the buying process.


      Digital Commerce Advantages and Disadvantages

      There are some Advantages and Disadvantages of E-Commerce of Digital commerce services



      You can place an order from anywhere

      You can place an order anytime on the website

      You can’t guarantee the quality of products
      Eliminates the operating cost.Lack of personal touch.
      DCS helps to connect people all across the world.It doesn’t give the luxury of trying before buying the item.
      Retargets the customers.sometimes it takes a Long delivery time.
      There is always detailed product information offered.There is always a security issue


      How does Digital Commerce Work?

      With the support of data, digital commerce work with fully automated features. Digital commerce relies on particular automation features, a wealth of data, and advanced analytic capabilities.

      The worldwide supply chain is time and cost-efficient, but they are also affected by natural disasters which as, weather events, pandemics, political issues, and many more. In such cases, data serves as the pain element for timely decision-making through data analytics. Data allows digital commerce businesses to forecast natural events in advance, which was affected directly by the business.

      Digital commerce is a cross-channel business model and prefers where the customer is. This is only possible when automated tools that control everything and draw a customer journey from start to end. Tools can control everything from inventory to customer satisfaction.

      On a beginning level customers usually don’t understand and do not think about where from shipped and how it will be packed. And the other side customer usually focuses on how fast an order is delivered, whether is quality of the product is compatible, the relevancy of the product and whether the product representation matches the product delivered.

      As a global commerce business, thousands of orders in a second;  they only focus on deliverable parameters every single minute, and is to use automation or robotic system in warehouse and supply chain systems. Ali Baba is a fruitful example of digital commerce.


      Types of Digital Commerce – Digital commerce services

      Services are also provided in the Digital commerce services is business model, and SaaS (software as a service) business models are examples of digital commerce implementation in business. There is a list of types of digital commerce

      • Business to Consumer (B 2 C model)
      • Consumer to Consumer (C 2 C model)
      • Consumer to Business C 2 B model)
      • Business to Business (B 2 B model)

      Business to Business Model (B2B)

      In business to business digital commerce model, businesses sell products or services to other businesses which needed them. These deals are usually large but low in frequency. Most businesses are around limitations by providing monthly and annually buying processes that renew automatically.

      Without the interaction of humans you buying products or services is the most common example of business-to-business digital commerce. There is a practical example in which Trello, Slack, and automated software products like Hub Spot or Light speed.

      Business-to-Consumer Model

      Digital commerce in business to consumer is mostly similar to the B2B model, except that the customer is an individual consumer, buying needed products. An example of B2C digital commerce is smart mobile apps that required payment.

      Consumer-to-Consumer Model

      Consumer to Consumer digital commerce model is difficult to understand, but the perfect example is Etsy. Buyers or sellers can purchase or sell digital products and physical products to a fully automated system. The customer has been to purchase and the product is delivered to their email box.

      In the C2C model, the platform can’t play any role in the actual transactions but facilitates consumers. In addition, buyers can be sellers as well as they are consumers.

      Consumer to Business Model

      The consumer-to-business digital commerce model is best illustrated by review systems. On Amazon, review requests are generated automatically by the platform, and consumers are rewarded with badges and cashback points for useful reviews. The transactional value is extracted from the customer because a detailed review can generate more revenue for the business. The value transfer is happening from the consumer to the business, making it C2B.


      Why is Digital Commerce Important? Benefits Trends and Tips

      Digital commerce is the development of e-commerce (buying or selling usually on a website). The way of purchasing anything without the involvement of any human is digital commerce. The difference is very minor between e-commerce and digital commerce. E-commerce is totally automatic from marketing to sales; it would be considered digital commerce. Transformation does not stop here.

      We are now seeing the new starting of digital commerce. Digital commerce is a newer term but it came around only when the range of e-commerce expands over time. You can say that the range of e-commerce is wider.

      In the B2B, B2C, and D2C fields, consumers interact with brands and retailers in new ways. Digital commerce now enclosed the whole customer journey, a new world where customers and brands interact across a combination of physical and digital spaces.

      To Drive Visibility:

      Buying and selling of products are now totally independent of the channel. No matter what the platform is, consumers prefer smooth transactions.  Social media, marketplaces, brand websites, and applications are the visible platform through which businesses can gain popularity. This leads to several sales opportunities.

      To Build Legitimacy:

      Both the small and large-scale businesses are considered to be real and true to their culture. According to the study, 70% of online shopkeepers want social evidence. Through social media, clients’ feedback, and related information, digital commerce helps companies to gain popularity.

      Omni channel strategy:

      A sales and marketing plan known as an “Omni channel strategy” offers customers a unified buying experience. User experiences are linked through an Omni channel strategy across several touchpoints, including physical stores, the web, and mobile applications. Digital commerce increases revenue and visibility with the Omni channel strategy. Businesses that take advantage of internet shopping trends (and provide particular, personalized purchase alternatives) notice a rise in sales. Businesses are adopting the Omni channel strategy due to the following reasons.

      • It improves the customer’s lifetime value because it always put the customer first.
      • It always benefits businesses by authorizing them to reach new client segments.
      • It increases operational efficiency and reduces cost.
      • It increases sales.

      Digital Commerce Examples  

      Crawlbytes is providing a list of digital commerce services all over the USA. We provide our services with free consultancy. If we can create a complete eCommerce website for you, we will give you a road map about how you can make money through your eCommerce website. We have an experienced Digital marketing team. Our Marketing team is leading around 500+ company projects for the last 10 years.

      List of Our Digital Commerce Services for your Business

      • Amazon Private label
      • Amazon Whole Sale
      • Digital Marketing Service
      • Pay Per Click Campaign
      • Website designing and development
      • Application/ Software development
      • Application Integration and Modernization
      • Creative Designing and User Experience
      • Search Engine Marketing (SEO+PPC)
      • Content Writing and Optimizing content for SEO
      • Web hosting and cloud services
      • IT Support & Consultancy

      Digital Commerce Trends – Crawlbytes

      In the mainstream digital industry, everything is changing and up-to-date day by day. Especially if we talk about digital commerce services there are merchants updated for e-commerce business. Like google merchant and many other platforms are providing merchant centers, where we can list our products.

      In the digital commerce industry, everything is evolving very fast. If we go into detail down to these biggest trends they will affect very positively in our business outcomes in months.

      You can also talk about your marketing strategies with the Crawlbytes sales team. We will share with you more powerful strategies for your business

      As we discussed above digital commerce is buying and selling your goods and services all over the world. Fiverr and Upwork is the best example of digital commerce.  Where everyone is selling their services, transmitting the funds and data through an electronic network.

      The digital commerce market size was valued at $ 9.21 Trillion in 2022 and is projected to reach $ 34.53 Trillion by 2040, growing at a CAGR of 30.1% from 2022 to 2040.

      As we discussed above digital commerce is buying and selling your goods and services all over the world. Fiverr and Upwork is the best example of digital commerce.  Where everyone is selling their services, transmitting the funds and data through an electronic network.


      List of Digital Commerce Services

      In the industry, there are leaders. We talk with them about what’s going on in the digital commerce industry. So it’s time to share with you the biggest digital commerce trends and see where the new things are headed.

      • AR enhances the online business
      • People usually use voice search
      • On-site personalization uses those insights to create individual experiences
      • Everyone is moving to Mobile shopping
      • More ways to pay and make your business profitable
      • Video is more powerful to get the intentions of customers
      • Subscriptions that will help your business to remind your customer’s shop again
      • More important is sustainability for your business
      • Businesses should be optimized their digital strategy of conversion
      • B2B is growing day by day and keeps evolving


      Digital Commerce Platform

      We will share the list of digital commerce platforms. Where you can either sell your own products or you can sell your client’s products. You can also provide a Virtual assistant service. In that, you have an account of your client and you can find and list the best ROI products and make money from that.

      Here is a list of digital commerce platforms and e-commerce business examples

      • Alibaba
      • Ali Express
      • Amazon
      • Walmart
      • OnBuy
      • Wowcher
      • eCommerce WordPress
      • Shopify
      • Gumtree

      Some of them need only your personal information and your account is ready to sell. But if you want to go with a large-scale business, you need to register a proper company in that country, and then you will start selling your goods.

      If you are only a customer you just signup from your email and place the order. You don’t need any extra information.

      Once you placed the order. They will share you time period in that time you will receive your product.


      Digital eCommerce is buying and selling your items your products and services. In item, there are physical and virtual products like your eBooks, etc.


      Ecommerce is also called electronic commerce. In that, you can sell your goods via the internet. Like you can make a website or list your products in the Amazon store and sell them.


      There is three types of Ecommerce Business

      • Sell your products on eBay. In that, you can just get the order and place this order on amazon (Drop shipping Model)
      • you can sell your own products through Shopify or WooCommerce WordPress
      • Sell your products through Amazon to customers and buy from brand owners (Wholesale Model)


      Ecommerce is a business where you can sell your goods online. Digital commerce is a broad term and business model which you follow in eCommerce.


      There is a list of digital commerce services advantages. Like you can sell anything through eCommerce. Your home or you can say your bed is your office you just need a laptop and internet. Make an account on a digital commerce website like amazon Alibaba eBay Shopify or WooCommerce WordPress and list your products. It starts with low-cost money and sells internationally.


      List of the popular examples of eCommerce platforms. Amazon is a B2C eCommerce business model. In amazon, you can sell your products direct to your customers. There are many other popular companies like eBay, Walmart, etc.



      The main activity of eCommerce is either you can buy the product or you can sell your products or someone else products. Get payment online and pay your tax online through software.


       Two main activities in eCommerce is buying and selling through electronic.


      1. Business-to-Business (B2B)
      2. Business-to-Consumer (B2C)
      3. Mobile Commerce (M-Commerce)
      4. Facebook Commerce (F-Commerce)
      5. Customer-to-Customer (C2C)
      6. Customer-to-Business (C2B)
      7. Business-to-Administration (B2A)
      8. Consumer-to-Administration (C2A)
      9. The Impact of E-Commerce on Business


      There are two primary categories of the e-commerce market.

      • business to consumer (B2C) – selling products/services directly to consumers.
      • business to business (B2B) – selling goods/services to other businesses.



      Digital Commerce is the future of every physical business. Like if you are doing any business in your home town you should need your online presence. You must sell your products online as well through the internet. There is many services provider which can collect your products and deliver them and give you pay online.


      If you go any business model like you are interested selling something on your physical shop or through online. You must face some issues. Like if you go with an online digital commerce business you maybe face

      • Cybersecurity
      • Competition
      • Order fulfillment
      • Customer experience
      • Quality website traffic and visitor conversion
      • Visibility
      • Return and refund policies
      • Finding the right market.


      7 Key Benefits Of Ecommerce For Your Business Low costs. First of all, you need to launch your website

      1. Speed & Flexibility.
      2. Faster Buying Process.
      3. Product Catalogue.
      4. Wider Customer Base.
      5. Customer Data Insights.
      6. Reviews & Ratings.


      Because internet availability is very eased nowadays. You can easily pay through your online card. You can refund the payment if you received a low-quality product. Everything is safe and secure if you go to amazon and such popular stores for shopping.


      The disadvantage of eCommerce customers is sometimes they shop for non branding sites or you can say new websites. So they received low-quality products and business owners can’t give them any replacement or refund. Some customer hesitates while putting in their cards number.


      Online presence is very important nowadays. Especially for those who started new businesses and small business owners can easily make a profit after launching their website and marketing online on different platforms like Facebook. As compared to other business, its low cost effective and minimizes the damages of operation, and increase sales.


      There are some biggest eCommerce platforms. One of the most important is Amazon. If you buy anything from amazon you have a guarantee of everything like you received wrong or damaged products you can either refund it or you can replace it from amazon. Another one is Shopify is also the biggest platform. But in that, you don’t have a guarantee or replacement and refund of damaged products.


      Amazon  Founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994, Amazon started selling everything in your daily life you can buy food groceries furniture books baby toys, and everything that you need. Amazon gives you a 30days money-back guarantee.


      E-commerce is Electronic commerce. In Ecommerce, you can launch your own website. List your products and start selling through digital marketing.


      What are the best eCommerce business models?

      • Drop shipping via your own WordPress website, Shopify store of eBay, Amazon
      • Amazon FBA with your own branded product.
      • Wholesale sourcing and selling via eBay or Amazon.
      • Wholesale sourcing and selling via your own website.
      • Selling a private label product via Amazon or your own website


      Is Amazon a B2B or B2C? Amazon is both a business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) company. Amazon allows you to do both types of business. Either you can buy from brand owners and sell it to customers directly. Or If you are a brand then you can sell it to wholesalers.


      What is a Third-Party Website for ECommerce? Once you have your own website you can connect it to third-party sites like Wowcher and OnBuy. They will list all of your products. You can get sales from them.


      Because of COVID, everyone has moved towards online business. There is a number of services you can provide and sell different products in different countries. Some of the services are mentioned below.

      Contextual and Programmatic Advertising. Marketing Automation. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Enhanced Shipping Options. Mobile Commerce. Augmented Reality for Product Visualization. Voice Search Will Take Lead.


      Problems with E-commerce

      1. Site crash.
      2. No possibility of trying and testing the product.
      3. Late delivery.
      4. Some products are difficult to buy online.
      5. Lack of privacy.
      6. Tax issues.
      7. Legal issues


      While doing online purchasing there is a major issue with secure credit card fraud. Then can get your credit card information and misuse it.