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Ufone SMS Packages: Daily Weekly Monthly & Yearly Prepaid Postpaid

Here you will see all Ufone SMS Packages in detail. How to activate Ufone SMS packages and how to Deactivate or Un-subscribe the Ufone SMS package. 

It’s more common to be connected with your closed ones, blue-eyed person. The quiet comfortable way is to utilize modern technology, as the Era is of optimum smartphones in both quality and quantity. Facilitate with telecom companies, these companies introduced numerous packages.

These packages speed up the connection among people. Every telecom company has its own collection, which is some sort of distinctiveness from other’s bundles of companies.

But the similarity is All that telecom companies provided the package deal of internet bundles”, “Call Packages”.

Here is the Ufone SMS Packages list

  1. Ufone Daily SMS Package 2021
  2. Ufone Weekly SMS Package 2021
  3. Ufone 14 Days SMS Package 2021
  4. Ufone Monthly SMS Package 2021
  5. Ufone Yearly SMS Package 2021
  6. Ufone Postpaid SMS Package 2021

Ufone Daily SMS Package in 2021

Various daily SMS bundles with their subscription codes are mentioned in the following list. The detail of the Daily SMS packages are listed below, You may check and utilize according to your taste and comfort.

  • Ufone Daily
  • PRICE : Rs. 4.77
  • 1600 SMS
  •  VALIDITY : 1 Day
  • Subscription :  605
  • Ufone Daily On-net 
  • PRICE : Rs. 2 + tax
  • 500 SMS
  • VALIDITY :  1 Day
  • SMS “Sub” to 611
  • Ufone Night SMS Package
  • PRICE : Rs. 1
  • 300 SMS
  • VALIDITY :  1 Day
  • SMS “Sub” to 609
  • Ufone Power Hour
  • PRICE : Rs. 6
  • 60SMS, 60 on-net minutes, 60MBs
  • Subscription : Dial *99#
  • Ufone Super Recharge Package
  • Price :  Rs.45
  • 300 on-net minutes, 10 off-net mins, 300 SMS, 100MBs
  • VALIDITY : 1 day
  •  Subscription : Dial *300#
  • Ufone Uth Daily
  • PRICE : Rs. 1.99 + tax
  • 600 SMS
  • VALIDITY :1 Day
  • SMS “Sub” to 612

How to Un-Subscribe Ufone dail SMS bundles?

  • You can deactivate your Ufone daily SMS bundle by dialing *506#

Ufone Weekly SMS Packages In 2021

Check out the following list in which all the packages are further elaborate, you may utilize them accordingly to your need and ease.

  • Ufone Weekly SMS Package
  • PRICE : Rs.10
  • 1200 SMS
  •  Subscription *608#
  • Ufone 15 Days SMS Package
  • PRICE : Rs 30
  • 10000 SMS
  • VALIDITY: 7 Days
  • SMS “Sub” to 603
  • Ufone Asli Chappar Phaar Offer
  • PRICE: Rs.80
  • 100 On-net minutes, 1000MBs, 100 SMS
  • VALIDITY :  7 Days’
  •  Subscription:Dial 5050#
  • Ufone Super Mini Card
  • PRICE : Rs. 299
  • VALIDITY:  7 Days
  • 500 On-net minutes,75 off-net minutes, 300MBs, 500 SMS
  • Subscription: Load Ufone Mini Super Card Worth Of Rs.299

How to Un-Subscribe Ufone W

eekly SMS Packages In 2021?

  • You can Unsubscribe the Ufone Uth Weekly Package by Typing “unsub” and send it to 8066.

Fortnight/14 Days SMS Package in 2021

Below the list of SMS packages and fortnight, SMS packages are mentioned in detail with their offers and subscription codes.

How to Un-Subscribe Ufone 14 Days SMS Packages In 2021?

  • If you want to deactivate your Ufone Fortnightly Package you need to dial *506#
  • For the “Asli Chapar” Phar Offer Call 333

Monthly Ufone SMS Packages in 2021

In Monthly SMS there is plenty of SMS, which are sufficient to fulfill the demands of valued customers for the whole month. Pay attention to the detailed list below, All the packages are further elaborated.

  • Ufone Monthly SMS Package
  • PRICE : Rs.80
  • 20000 SMS
  • VALIDITY : 30 Days
  • Subscription :  *607#
  • Ufone Super Card
  • PRICE : Rs. 520
  • 1000 On-net minutes,   150 off-net minutes,1000MBs, 1000 SMS
  • VALIDITY : 30days
  • Ufone Super Card Plus
  • PRICE : Rs 599
  • 1200 On-net minutes,180 off-net minutes, 1200MBs, 1200 SMS
  • Ufone Super Card Gold
  • Rs 999

How to Un-Subscribe Ufone Monthly SMS Package In 2021?

  • This package will expire automatically when you utilize a complete package.
  • If your package time goes end then your package is also going expire. No matter how many SMS are remaining.
  • You can deactivate your Ufone Monthly SMS bundle by dialing *506#

Ufone SMS Package for 45-Days in 2021

Ufone is offering 45 days of SMS packages for their valuable customers.

  • Price:Rs 118.31
  • SMS 31000
  • Subscrioton : 614 
  • Validity :  45 days.

How to Deactivate Ufone 45 days SMS package in 2021? 

  • Ufone 45 days SMS package will expire automatically when its time is over.
  • You can deactivate your Ufone 45 days SMS bundle by dialing *506#.

Ufone Yearly SMS Package in 2021

Check out the below list, which includes the detailed information of package deals, you may check and bring them in your use accordingly.

How to Deactivate the Ufone Yearly SMS package in 2021? 

  • It will also automatically deactivate when the package time is completed.
  • You can deactivate your Ufone Yearly SMS bundle by dialing *506#.

Ufone Postpaid SMS Package in 2021

Ufone has well known and notable rank among the Telecom companies of Pakistan limited.

  • If you want to check your remaining SMS you can send SMS on 8606. You don’t need to write anything in the text. You can send an empty message.
  • The charges for this message are 0.5 Rs.

Pakistan’s Top Telecom Mobile Limited

Ufone is well familiar with Pakistan telecom mobile limited (PTML), which came into existence in January 2001. He becomes part of Emirates Corporation Group (PCG) in 2006.

Ufone entirely, successfully celebrated it’s 19 Anniversary was in January 2020. The passage of 20 years began, Ufone keeps introducing their splendid services, they made customers familiar with innovative products and services.

Ufone introduced their Android App, which easily accesses the different new and old bundle of offers. On Android App they made it easy to explore different packages deal, customers may have an ease experience if customers turn on the notifications they will get updated by new packages deals. What to do? Download Ufone Android App makes your account and be updated with the latest version.

Ufone is, fortunately, successfully covered more than 24 million users by reason of best performance and extraordinary services. Ufone holds outs the Blackberry operators in 122 countries around the world. Recently Ufone took a step forward and it Has 4G coverage in 122 countries around the globe.

Ufone comes up with optimum packages at inexpensive rates without any extra charges. Now it’s effortless to subscribe to internet packages, SMS packages, and call packages, but it is quick and easy to unsubscribe from these packages. Ufone provided the codes of unsubscription in addition to the codes of subscription. It’s an optimum way to save your money.

But here I’m going to elaborate on the SMS packages of Ufone. Have a look on Ufone hourly, Ufone Daily, Ufone weekly, and Ufone monthly packages, prepaid and postpaid SMS packages. You may check the lists and descriptions below, choose the offers regarding your taste and ease.

How to activate Ufone SMS packages Daily Weekly Monthy and Yearly?

Nowadays the Most familiar and popular way to be in touch with friends, companions, colleagues, family, and relatives is to send them text messages.

The purpose of this article is to elaborate on the information regarding SMS bundles of Ufone.

Telecom company Ufone is working out for the betterment of its user’s preference to utilize modern techniques to a certain extent, to be in touched with their closed ones. Somehow there’s are people who liked texting rather than voice calls.

Texting is the most demanding and eminent way of connection in the modern era.

Now people prefer text messages most, texting is the most eminent weapon and tool utilize by people to contact their family, companions, colleagues, and relatives.

Ufone Daily SMS Package in 2021

He provides different types of SMS bundles to its users for their ease and comfort. Ufone Daily package includes both whole day packages and hourly packages, These are beneficial to those who prefer texting rather than calls.

Ufone has high ranking packages deal for daily SMS bundles, some of the packages have a collective offer, SMS bundles, and WhatsApp, but some offers SMS bundles with WhatsApp and as well as Twitter.

Ufone Weekly SMS Packages In 2021

*Ufone put forward different sorts of Weekly SMS package deals for their purchasers. Ufone also offered different kinds of fortnight SMS Packages at very affordable charges.

Fortnight 14 Days SMS Package in 2021

Ufone is being recognized as the eminent launching telecom company, it launches different package deals accordingly to the need, comfort, and demand changes of the consumer.

In 14 Days SMS package, you will see a number of packages. In this Ufone provides SMS bundles with extra MB’s offer collectively.

Monthly Ufone SMS Packages in 2021

Ufone published and broadcast a wide variety of Ufone monthly SMS packages if you are considerate of your pocket money, then a great deal is Monthly SMS bundles instead of weekly and daily bundles.

Ufone Yearly SMS Package in 2021

He declares to provide its customers with various SMS bundles at very low rates.

If you are partial to do texting and your hobby is chitter-chatter with your family, friends, companions, and relatives, then these pulchritude offers are exactly for you.

Ufone Postpaid SMS Package in 2021

It provides a portion of fascinating SMS Bundles for those customers, who are passionate about social network siting and know how to utilize these modern techniques for their own betterment.

There are some constraints for all the SMS bundles you must know these before subscribing Ufone SMS package.

  • All these packages are only for local SMS. If you want to connect with someone who is living in Pakistan then you can activate these packages. If you want to text outside from Pakistan it has quite a different price.
  • You must need to check your remaining SMS by dialing *706# or you can send SMS on 706.

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