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Ufone Internet Settings: Android 4G 5G APN Settings [ 2021 UPDATED ]

Ufone Internet Settings for Android: In this post, we will share all the possible tips for Ufone 4G and 5G internet settings in your android cell phone. Just follow this post to the last.

Ufone is one of the leading telecommunication mobile network companies, that has started its operation on January 29, 2001, in Islamabad as the wholly-owned subsidiary of Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL). The company has entered as a third mobile operator in the Pakistani market. It has the leading GSM cellular service provider with a total subscriber of over 24 million across Pakistan as it provides a lot of flexible and unbeatable packages to its valued customers.

As the company promised its customer to provide rapid connection, it has 10,000 vast location networks in more than 160 countries with a. Ufone became immensely popular among the public due to its affordable and reliable packages that help the users to stay in touch with their friends at economical rates. What is more, Ufone offers the fastest-growing 3G/4G internet connection with a better connection so, the customers can enjoy unlimited web browsing without any interruption.

We also shared some more packages related to Ufone internet packages like daily packages weekly packages and monthly internet packages. We also write some other packages like Ufone SMS Packages Ufone Call Packages and Ufone Whatsapp Packages. If you are a Ufone network customer you must know about these packages.


By providing value to its customer, Ufone designed a range of internet packages as well as MMS packages at economical rates but, the majority of its subscribers don’t know about its configuration. To solve this problem, I am going to address numerous method of configuration that guides you to enjoy unlimited browsing after activating any bundle. Although it is quite a lengthy procedure, we make it easy for you as we provide all the detailed instructions and guidelines.

After going through this article you will able to understand this technical process by using three different methods which include manual configuration, configuration via SMS, and configuration via call. These methods will help you to make a setting on your handset. Once you have done with the setting procedure your phone is 3G/4G enabled. Select the best internet package offered by Ufone that satisfy your need according to your requirements and enjoy unlimited fastest web browsing without any interruption.

Here I have compiled complete details of Ufone 3G/4G Internet and MMS Settings given below. Let’s check out the details:


For the manual of configurations Ufone 3G/4G Internet and MMS setting in your smart devices, follow the given steps that are discussed in detail below. Let’s check out them:


Here are the complete details of Ufone Internet Settings also known as GPRS or EDGE setting:

  • Go to the Main Menu
  • Tap “Settings”
  • Select “Wireless Networks” or “Mobile Networks”
  • Enabled the data ON
  • Select “Access Point Names (APN)”
  • Tap on the “Menu” button
  • Press enter
  • Tap “New APN”
  • Edit the following information given below
  • Leave the other fields blank
  • Tap the “Menu” button again
  • Save the new parameters


Sending the MMS is never as easy as in Pakistan, but expressing your emotions through pictures has produced more significant results. For this reason, Ufone Telecom makes it easier through its MMS offer for both the Local and International sending. The Ufone MMS package allows you to send the pictures, videos, or music files to the recipient in order to convey your message in a more meaningful way. You can also send the MMS to any e-mail address by activating this bundle.

In order to change the MMS setting according to the Ufone parameter in your handset, you just need to go through the following steps that are discussed in detail below. Let’s check out them:

  • Go to the “main menu”
  • Tap “setting”
  • Select “Mobile network” or “Wireless network”
  • Enabled the data “ON”
  • Tap “Access Point Names” or (APN)
  • Press the “Menu” button to move forward
  • Select “New APN”
  • Add the new parameters that are given below
  • Leave the remaining fields blank
  • Tap the “Menu” button again
  • Select “save”
  • The new parameters have been added successfully


If you find any difficulty from the manual configurations method of the internet and MMS setting, you can use the SMS service in replace of it by using the Ufone internet setting code.

For 3G/4G internet and MMS setting via SMS, all you just need to go to the “Messaging App”, type the model number of your smartphone and send it to 222.

After applying all these instructions just wait for a while until unless you get the settings from Ufone.


Along with the manual configuration and setting through SMS, there is another alternative method of the Ufone internet setting. You can also get the 3G/4G internet by making a phone call to the Ufone representatives.

The representatives will guide you in updating the internet configuration by telling all the necessary details that are required for the Ufone internet setting along with the APN.

To configure the handset for Ufone 3G/4G internet and MMs setting via call, you need to follow the given instructions that are discussed below. Let’s check out them:

  • Check your Smart phone’s model number as it is quite necessary to get the internet setting
  • Dial 333
  • Save the desired setting details by using the code provided through SMS
  • Change configuration
  • Restart device
  • Now, enjoy faster web browsing

How to get Internet setting code in Ufone?

To get the Ufone Internet Setting Code, type the model number of your Smartphone and send it to 222.

How to get a Ufone 3G internet setting?

To get the 3G setting, type model number of your handset and send it to 222

Ufone Internet Settings for Android Term & Conditions:

  • Select the APN type according to the desired product
  • Turn the data “On” when it is required. Otherwise, turn it off
  • For any query, dial 333

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