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Top Most Deadliest Computer Virus Steal Your Information

Do you know about deadliest computer virus in history due to these virus hackers can spy you all the time by your laptop or mobile camera and steal you’re all personal information by your mobile r laptop??

Nowadays, Most Deadliest Virus getting into your computers is happening everywhere in the world that becomes a fashion or latest trend now and every other person is facing these problems. Many people try to install the antiviruses in their systems but mostly failed to detect the virus fully from their computers or clean drives completely.

Regardless, it could be a big disaster, if you are asked to run a highly paid antivirus that can only protect your system. But for a long time, people are leaving the usage of malware like trojans and worms as viruses install into their system.

Because malware is very harmful to your system, even if you spent billions of dollars but if you have a very dangerous virus then it will also not worth it and protect your system.

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1. ILOVEYOU Most Deadliest Computer Virus

ILOVEYOU Most Deadliest Computer Virus

One of the most dangerous Computer viruses is “ILOVEYOU” that has been affecting computers virulently. This virus was caused to damage a total of $10 billion computer loss in the world.

This virus was generated by two people who were from Filipines and they were actually programmers by profession. First, one name was Onel de Guzman and second, was Reonel Ramones.

It was kind of social engineering, where people were getting the attachment, if they click on that then they got affected by this virus, and they make people fool in the name of ‘a love confession’. This attachment file was like a script document with the extension name of the TXT file, that normally hides the real extension file in computer windows.

This makes your computer completely unbootable and starts overwriting the files itself and directly get into the user’s email list, affected them badly only when you click this attached file.

These two people were never charged as a criminal activity because there is no law for this malware viruses.

2. Code Red Most Deadliest Computer Virus

Code Red Most Deadliest Computer Virus

It was Most dangerous Computer viruses. It discovered in 2001 by two people who were employees of Security eEye Digital. They gave it the name of “Code Red”, the reason for the discovery of Red Mountain Dew ‘A Drinking Code’ at that time.

This virus always targets the Microsoft computers with IIS, installation of the webserver, exploits a buffer that flows inside the computer and created a problem for the system. It runs completely in the memory with the size of 3,569 bytes and you can trace it hardly in the hard disk.

When computers get infected by this virus, it starts thousands of bug copies in backend programming and keeps creating duplicate files just like the eating system slowly inside.

Then it will attack on various IP address, as one of the famous same attacks was on the website OS White House. This virus also allows the user to get access from the backdoor of the server, and also allow the computer machine to access it remotely.

Whenever your computer got this virus, it will be written and show like “Hacked by Chinese” on all web pages.

This patch was exposed later and was cost $2 billion lost of productivity.

3. Melissa Most Deadliest Computer Virus

Melissa Most Deadliest Computer Virus

The Melissa virus is also Most Deadliest Computer Virus it was created in 1999 by David L. Smith, in Florida, who was famous as an exotic dancer. That virus was available in the form of ‘infected word files’ that used to post on pornographic websites as alt.sex extension files and claims to provide the passwords. When people opened and download this file, they become more curious.

Moreover, When people talk about the security of a computer, the most dangerous threat is a virus. That could collapse the complete computer system or only one specific program installed inside it.

From history, in the 1970s very first virus was introduced with the name of the Creeper virus. And from 1981s, by Apple’s floppy drive, the first virus creator, the hacker made it came in publicly.

More than 57% of threats affect the security of our computer is basically the viruses. The other most common threats are adware, Trojan, malware, worms, etc.

But nowadays these viruses are spreading day by day and affecting badly the computer performances. Viruses are the best way for all hackers who want to get your computer system personal information and access into your system easily.

You should know the types of all viruses who could harm your systems at any time. The most famous virus names are CryptoLocker, ILOVEYOU, MyDoom, Storm Worm, Sasser & Netsky, Anna Kournikova, Slammer, Stuxnet, etc.

As the history of computer viruses, all have been spreading through the internet everywhere in the majority of systems. The purpose of these viruses is mostly to get personal information from inside of your computers, in the way of accessing these systems remotely.

Either they will steal your private information or disable the computer systems at one time. The very first computer virus was created especially for MS-DOS was with the name of “Brain”, released in 1986. It affected the computers like to overwrite the boot area of the system inside the floppy disk and damage the performance of the computer.

4. Wanna Cry Ransomware Attack

Wanna Cry Ransomware Attack
Wanna Cry Ransomware Attack

This new year, we have been attacked by more and more viruses very fast. There are two viruses ‘Not Petya’ and ‘Wanna Cry’ had used as a security hole in the windows protocol, that uses for accessing the files from the network of SMB.

NotPetya has exposed the exact same hole of security. However, it was not delivering through the emails but also had very limited access. Currently, computer viruses are causing the million dollars of economic loss every year, due to wasting computer data, corrupting resources, increasing the expenses for maintenance, steal private information, etc.

For finishing these threats and viruses, many antivirus software, open-sourced have been developed. A lot of users would install many antivirus software from the internet to detect the viruses whenever your computers try to download or start running any unknown executable file.


These viruses may send you a threat in the form of a website address link just like an instant message to all your contact lists like your colleagues, friends and email addresses, that are already saved on your computer system.

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