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Most Dangerous Hackers Cyber Army Today

Nowadays, Top most dangerous hackers giving threats and they do it very smartly for staying under the radar. They will never let you know about their real name or the exact handle so you could work on your own and some of them are working alone like that.

The entire cyber crimes are happening around like teamwork and they all are connected remotely along the darknet channels on backends, and sometimes they work like unknown buildings just like the full-time job from9 to 5.

“Facebook is the World’s Most Appalling Spying Machine” – Julian Assange.

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Most Dangerous Hackers Cyber Army Today

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Amazing Story Behind Anonymous Hackers Group

There was one website with the name of pit 4chan started in 2003. The people who join the groups and make profiles without any id profiles. This website gives them a name id as ‘Anonymous’.

Hackers playact to be an Anonymous have been doing various things like stealing the money, pirated software, fraud with people and their news broadcast in the news channels.

One of the groups with the name of ‘Canonical’ was publicly announced who addresses the innocent people numerous times. But because they show as Anonymous as their own identity then security becomes helpless to catch such thieves and scammers, who consider only as ‘fake’ calls.

Nevertheless, no matter what type of feelings you have for their agenda or politics, the government in the world has been crush down on the group of people who are as Anonymous, where they can be found.

Average has been sent to jail and fined with big amounts, but mostly paid and again free to go and do anything once again. That way, we really cannot dispose of these hackers. In any case, the world becomes scarier when such hackers have existed who are not catchable and scaring people as much as they want.

Most Dangerous Hackers and Cracker In The World Today

1. Gary McKinnon
2. Kevin Mitnick
3. Jacob Appelbaum
4. Cody Kretsinger
5. Robert Tappan Morris
6. Adrian Lamo
7. The Aurora Hackers
8. Jonathan James
9. Kevin Poulsen
10. Jeremy Hammond

Evgeniy Mikhailovich Bogachev Russian Hacker [ WANTED BY FBI ]

Evgeniy Mikhailovich Bogachev

Bogachev is one of the most dangerous hackers in the world, who is famous in these activities; conspiracy the computer fraud to violate and abuse act, bank fraud, violate the identity, wire fraud, money laundering and conspiracy for committing the bank fraud.

He lives in Anapa, Russia, enjoys boat riding and mostly travels along with the black sea locations, owning his property in Krasnodar, Russia. The FBI has begun his investigation in September 2011, his customized version of Zeus Trojan that is known as GameOver Zeus (GOZ).

He is responsible for the financial loss of $100 million even more than that, which affected millions of computers infected. He uses these online user names “Slavik”, “lucky12345”, and “Polling Soon”.

 $3 million rewards offer FBI for Russian Cyber fugitive.

The Equation Group & The Shadow Brokers

The Equation Group & The Shadow Brokers

The Equation Group is the name of ‘TAO’ the Tailored Access Operations unit of the United States National Security Agency and also for NSA and The Shadow Brokers with the name of “TSB” is one of the hacker’s groups who exposed in 2016.

These hackers exploit especially target the antivirus software, enterprise firewalls, and Microsoft products. Many resources observed that these groups naming are with reference to some video game characters.

There’s an example, in 2016, one group of hacking was calling themselves “The Shadow Brokers” and they announced it that malware code had been stolen from the group of Equation.

Bureau 121 [ North Korean cyberwarfare agency ]

Bureau 121 is a North Korean cyberwarfare agency

Bureau 121, a Cyber Warfare North Korean Agency, that is a part of General Bureau of Reconnaissance of Korea’s Northside military.

In 2014, December, these hackers came to attention in public when the pictures of sony were canceled one movie “The Interview” opening after their computers were hacked. Many of the agency’s activities were directed in South Korea.

North Korea once said that their PCs have been attacked more than 30,000 that affected Korean broadcasting companies and banks even their President’s website was also hacked.

Fancy Bear [ Russian Cyber Espionage Group ]

Fancy Bear

Fancy Bear is a kind of a group that is linked with the Russian government and also assists their activities related to cyberwarfare. This group is a higher profile of hacking for a decade in Russia and so much dangerous and well known in people now.

Nonetheless, the Fancy Bear is one of the most dangerous hackers in the world record, and they never take responsibility for any activity, even if they don’t operate under the name of Anonymous.

In spite of everything, you cannot dig into their typical methodology to see their true faces as an attacker. No matter what, the Fancy Bear is like can go anywhere at any time, and can relate with any upcoming event or election year.

Alexsey Belan Top Most Dangerous [ WANTED BY FBI ]

Alexsey Belan Hacker

Alexsey Belan, was a person who was very famous in the circle of hackers and communities, work under the M4G moniker, a regular hacker in community, runs very popular blogs for on the subject of hacking.

He started his career for earning as a hacker, acting as a consultant, and started selling people’s personal data from the online platforms.

The video game server was on top of hacking, and a computing cloud-based supplier, living in Israel. At last, in 2012, he was officially announced or most wanted by the government or military for his own crimes of hacking.

Unit 8200 [ Israeli Intelligence Corps unit ]

Unit 8200 Israeli Intelligence Corps unit

Unit 8200, is one of the model agency with an approved track record in public and activity of counter-terrorism.

This group was responsible for producing the most efficient terrifying malware and exploitation and spying of civilian and government, who can work anywhere in the world as in a group of anonymous people.

It was founded in 1952 as a 2nd unit of intelligent services. With time it was expanded into the largest group in the defense forces of Israel. While a few of their activities exploits and slipped into the surface.

PLA Unit 61398 [People’s Liberation Army]

(PLA) Unit 61398

People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Unit 61398 is a unit of the military, persistently working for Chinese computer systems hacked attacks. This unit is located in Pudong, Shanghai.

The members of this People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Unit 61398 hack the computers to steal the information that could provide the competitor’s economics current details as well.

In regard to some information that China is being a victim of USA cyber crime theft, surveillance, and wiretapping activities. This unit works in one building house of 12 storey, close to Shanghai, made up of hundreds of cyber troops who follow the command of the People’s Liberation Army.


Basically there is huge difference between these hackers group and Anonymous. Personally, am no supporting anyone and I also suggest you don’t support any of these. Because of the activities they do, maybe illegal in your country. So if you support them might be you face the jail with no reason.

Basically the group of ANONYMOUS  they want FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Like Nowadays most of the social activist Whoe are talking about Kashmir and support the Kashmir. Facebook banned its Video and cover their video.

They Belive(Anonymous)

The Corrupt Fear US The Honest Support Us The Heroic Join Us!!!

If you want to join these Hackers Group You must know about Deep Web And Dark Web. How to access Dark and deep web to become the best hackers r white hate hacker. If you want to learn about these go and take tutorials from the dark web. First of all, install torr browser and find the link from here go and surf.

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