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Best Java IDE for Mac Linux & Window in 2021

In this tutorial, We will learn about Best Java IDE for Mac Windows and Linux. First of all, you must know about the Java programming language.

Java language has very famous IDEs that have been using for developing mobile, web, enterprise, and desktop applications for years.

There are free best Java IDEs available in the market and open source as well, just like NetBeans and Eclipse.

But the question is why developers and programmers need to use the IDE (integrated development environment)?

Even then, all programmers of Java can quickly write the programming by using straightforward text editors that you can find in Mac. Notepad can have seen in windows and Leafpad inside the Linux, so you can run by using java commands from the terminal.

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Developers love these IDEs.

Mostly Java developers love the IDEs, the reason is the best features, for example, error highlighting, code completion, drag & drop assistance for building GUI application, and to manage all project folders and files.

In the recent past technology history, mobile apps are getting more and more demands and overgrowing that resulted in the one and only IDE’s development, just like Google Andriod Studio.

This app has various features and tools for the development of mobile applications.

Here are few best java IDEs you can work with them. It doesn’t matter if you wanted just to start the java application or searching for java IDEs to play with, here you can find the best platforms for getting work with Java.

BlueJ Is java IDE for Linux

(Platform – Linux/macOS/Windows) There is the best IDE for Java. BlueJ is for small-level software development. And the main purpose of design is for education intention. This app is especially for beginners as ready-to-go development, and java veterans openly preferred to use it.

The powerful features are ‘to create dynamic objects, and you can scan the codes visually. This IDE is straightforward and clean, especially for teaching and study purposes with excellent documentation.

Codenvy IDE for Java In Linux

(Platform – Linux/macOS/Windows) Codenvy is the best Java IDE for mac window and Linux. You can use it commercial that has developed for the Eclipse Che.

There are so many but three variants of this IDE, which can be used by enterprise, team, and developers team. Codenvy is a cloud-based and on high demand of developers.

For writing the codes of Java by using the internet browser editor that is offered by Codenvy, java developers can get the benefits by using this powerful feature just like refactoring, code completion, and syntax highlighting.

DrJava Free Java IDE For Linux

Dr-java (Platform – Linux/macOS/Windows) is a very lightweight IDE of Java. It is built especially for students and beginners. It is not that powerful like other java IDEs, but it has a lovely clutter-free interface.

For advanced developers, it is offering automatic indentation, commenting, brace matching, and coloring syntax. And you also can integrate it with Eclipse by using a plugin.

Eclipse Is Java IDE For Linux

(Platform – Linux/macOS/Solaris/Windows) Eclipse is one of the best on third Java IDEs from other all. You can find it on both platforms of cloud editions and desktop as well.

The Eclipse’s cloud edition that is named Eclipse Che has allowed all developers to built applications by any web browsers. For java developers to make a specific coding function for Eclipse, there is PDE (Plugin Development Environment) is also available.

Greenfoot Free IDE for Linux Users

GreeenFoot (Platform – Linux/macOS/Solaris/Windows) has created for educational purposes, especially for undergraduates and high school students.

This java IDE helps to provide the programming of graphical apps two-dimensional applications, including interactive and simulation games.

It is free to use software for everyone to motivate and to learn the students by using its animated graphical arts with sounds as well.

IntelliJ Best IDE for Linux Users

(Platform – Linux/macOS/Windows) Intellij is the best IDEs in Java. You can get it in two different editions; one is a proprietary commercial, and the second is Apache 2 community edition that is Licensed.

If programmers wanted to know more about it, then they can get into the features of, to boasts, cross-language refactoring, and data flow analysis.

JCreator Free IDE tool for Mac Users

(Platform – Linux/Windows) J-Creator is also a lightweight IDE of Java. JCreator is precisely the same as Microsoft’s Visual Studio. You can get it in three variants, just like; Pro Edition, Lite Edition, and Life-Pro Edition.

It is created specially in C++; even more, it doesn’t need JRE for the execution of Java code. Only, for this reason, programmers community mostly use this Java-based IDEs.

j-GRASP Free IDE for Window & Linux

(Platform – Linux/Windows) j-GRASP has been designed especially for giving automation generation by software visualizations that upgrade the complete quality of software.

This IDE is competent for producing the static visualization of source code based structure even at run timer also. It has all tools and all standard features and awesome code highlighter.

Netbeans IDE for Java Programmers

Netbeans is an excellent IDE open source. Most of the programmers love this Netbeans IDE, especially for Java programming. You also have an option for installing the extension or third-party IDE inside it. Before you could use this IDE only for Java,

But nowadays, you can have it in C/C++, PHP, HTML5, and a lot more. It is user-friendly and fast, amazing autocomplete with the latest updates. Best Java IDE for Mac Windows and Linux

What is the Best Java IDE for Linux Mac & Window?

    1. Netbeans
    2. j-GRASP
    3. JCreator
    4. IntelliJ IDEA
    5. Greenfoot
    6. Eclipse
    7. DrJava
    8. Codenvy
    9. BlueJ


After all, we can see now that there are a lot of options available for IDE Java programmers, from free open-sourced software and commercial ones.

But it always depends on the requirements of the project that IDE will have used for what purpose you want have used this platform. Best Java IDE for Mac Windows and Linux  And most developers already know the right selection of the IDEs.

Every Java Programmer needs!

Every Java Programmer needs a coding editor or IDE for getting help for writing Java with the grungier parts and by using its framework and libraries.

The selection of the right IDE that suits your project is dependent on many things. Likewise, the nature of the project scope in the development process and which method your team will have used in your organization, and also your skills and level of codings matters a-lot.


Finally, you will expect that your Java IDE will let you edit your programming, debug, build, and test the systems efficiently. Preferably, you will have code metrics and intelligent code completion as well. Java IDEs are the most natural development programming languages, which is very beneficial for all developers to secure enterprise applications, desktop apps, web apps, and mobile applications.


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