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How to Optimize Fiverr Gig SEO [ 17 Experiments Test in 2021 ]

In this article, we discuss How do I Optimize Fiverr Gig SEO and discuss the Fiverr gig ranking algorithm. If you read carefully this post most probably you will get rank on the first page on Fiverr and get more orders daily and make more money. These amazing new techniques you never know before.

First of all, new passionate freelancers must know what is Fiverr.  Fiverr is about to sell your digital services on one platform that works from all over the world, or you can say this is the biggest platform for selling your digital services.

Fiverr helps you to find Freelancers and work for freelancers from all around the world. You will be able to search the skilled people who match with your project requirements and then you place the orders to them by clicking only once on their profiles.

You will see hundreds of Freelancers from almost every country, who are authorized to work on this website. Some of them are from your own country, you can interact with them by Gig, and if you like their services then you can meet them personally in your own city as well.

For making a profile, you have to sign up on the Fiverr website for free. And only registered people on the Fiverr can work to sell or buy Services. After making your profile there, now you can search the sellers or their services by clicking on the catalog with various categories, even though you can write your required services in the search bar and get the list of what you are looking for.

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Fiverr allows freelancers to offer their products and services in the online market with a minimum of $5 to start their work. Most people get success on the Fiverr website, and later on, they start thinking about working on Upwork or Freelancer and some other big platforms.

Even a few of them are earning about $1000 every month on Fiverr. To get more and more money every month there are some techniques to optimize Fiverr gigs of your profile. For example, if you make your profile here as a seller, then there are some specific things you can apply to make your profile more visible and you can start earning money more quickly.

How to Optimize the Fiverr Gig SEO Secret Tricks

1. Upload or Add Video [ Video is King]

To optimize Fiverr gigs, first of all, you have to make sure that your all Gigs are looking great and have a very nice descriptive video of your Gig then you will get more impression on your gigs and Fiverr will also promote best and nice-looking gigs.

On the other side, the Gigs without descriptive videos don’t have success in way of earning more money and they got stuck in only applying and looking for jobs every day. And if you are thinking, how to make such videos and you don’t have these skills then you don’t need to worry about it.

To optimize Fiverr gigs, for making a very nice video, you can search a  Gigs on Fiverr, who are offering Video making services at very cheap rates and will make a nice video for your gigs. That is the best technique of how to rank your gig on Fiverr.

1.1 Spokes Person Video

We suggest you make a video like a spokesperson Video. In this short video, you can describe all the services that you provide to your clients or customers.

The most important reason is buyers can easily understand your services in a very short time. Most of the buyers like me when searching something on Fiverr they scroll down until they get a video gig on Fiverr.

The benefit of the video is, In seconds they know what services you are providing. So they definitely click on that and place the order and ignore all gigs that have images only.

Usually, Clients are not interested to waste their time clicking on your image gig and read your lengthy gig description. Therefore there are different types of backgrounds for spokespersons.

  • White Background
  • Green Background
  • Gradient Background

(But we suggest making your own video for your gig)

1.2 Whiteboard & Animated Explainer

If you don’t have enough confidence to come in front of a camera then hire someone on Fiverr to give him/her complete detail of you services that you are providing to your customers and ask them to make Whiteboard & Animated Explainer Video.

It makes easy for your audience to understand what you are providing with a whiteboard explainer. Because Video is the most important factor of the Fiverr Gig SEO ranking algorithm. If you never make a video, you will not easy to get rank on the first page.

If you are new on Fiverr and you don’t have credit in your account for hiring someone then go and install Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects watch a tutorial for how to make whiteboard & Animated Explainer Video.

2. Complete Regular Order

Here is the best tip of How to Optimize the Fiverr Gig SEO, Fiverr like those sellers who complete their orders on a daily basis, there are many reasons behind this logic. The first reason is Fiverr earns 20% from your sale. If you sell more Fiverr automatically ranked up your gig.

Secondly, Pro Tip Most of the customers want quick delivery. So when you creating an offer mention 5 to 6 days but complete your order on the same day or next day.

2.1 Quick Delivery in One Day

For Fiverr gigs Optimization, at the beginning of your profile if you set ‘One Day or Same Day Delivery’ then it will impact a lot on your buyer.

Clients prefer to get their job done on the same day they will build an assumption about you that you can deliver any tasks within the same day. So that way your profile can be more prominent.

Once your profile is improved. You have good reviews in your profile then you can set your delivery time 2 or 3 days. Also set one day delivery on Gig Extra. Due to this, your gig will appear in express delivery and you easily make more money.

2.2 Avoid Order Cancellation

Before accepting the order make sure that you can do it. Sometimes buyers didn’t attach complete requirements That’s the reason Sellers are unable to start working on their project timely.

So when you send buyer request, first of all, read the Buyer request description carefully or when someone directly texts on your inbox. Discuss complete requirements with clients until you fully understand what the client wants.

Once you understand the requirement then start working on it and deliver before the submission date. most of the time clients want some more addition so he can send revisions, you have to complete those revisions within time to avoid order cancellation and safe Delivered on-time rating.

Order Cancellation is the Extremely bad impact on your profile. If you cancel the order Fiverr will mark down your order completion percentage.

If you are on the first page of Fiverr after the cancellation of a single order there is a possibility you will be ranked down to the 5th or 6th page.

2.3 Eligible for studio 

  • Complete more and more orders
  • The order cancellation rate Should be 0% at least 3 months
  • Increase your Conversation rate
  • Your response time should be 100%
  • Your buyer’s rating should be above 4.7

Fiverr will check your past 3 to 4 months records of your profile. So maintain your best performance always.

Once you are eligible for Fiverr studio. You Must join any studio and create a gig in the studio and get more orders.

3. Do proper SEO of your Gigs

How to Optimize the Fiverr Gig SEO, Here is one of the Fiverr gigs Ranking Formula is that many people don’t know anything about SEO  and Fiverr ranking algorithm. They start writing their profile description of Fiverr Gig without adding any keywords.

It is really important to make your profile more visible by applying this Fiverr gig Ranking Formula and do Proper Optimization of Fiverr Gig SEO.

SEO on Fiverr is just like writing a Blog by using specific keywords, and if you are not using the right searchable keywords Google search engine will not send the visitors to your blog.

For getting the targeted customers you have to use different kinds of relevant keywords in the gig description of your services.

3.1 Fiverr Gig Title SEO

Add more than one keyword in your gig title e.g I will Create WordPress Website Design.

Create a WordPress website is one keyword and the second keyword is WordPress website design. That’s how you can do the right Fiverr gig title SEO.

3.2 Add Right keywords in tags

There are different techniques to identify perfect tags for your gig. First of all, write your primary service in the search field, Fiverr will suggest the most searchable keywords by clients.

Most of the buyer’s search WordPress Website, WordPress Website design, WordPress customization, WordPress speed optimization.

If you are a logo designer expert then just put logo word in the search field and Fiverr will suggest you different tags.

Those who are looking for logo designing service mostly they search Logo Design, Logo animation, Logo business, Logo minimal, Logo real estate.

Another best technique for finding perfect and effective tags of your service. When you are creating a new Gig. Write your service name on tags field Fiverr will suggest top searchable keywords.

When you write WordPress in the tags field mentioned above in the image. Fiverr will suggest different tags. Use these tags rather than your own tags. Because these are more effective and most of the Buyers who are looking for WordPress service mostly need these services WordPress Install, WordPress Template, WordPress Help, WordPress Theme.

This is another example of Buyers who needs these services for their website ranking, Website Review, website marketing, website analysis, website SEO.

Pro Tip for Tags: If you have no idea about which tag is best for your services to go and search those gigs who are similar to your services Open their gig scroll down at the end of their gig you see this. (see image below)

Now select which one is best for your service that you are providing to your customers.

3.3 SEO In Gig description

When you start writing gig descriptions start with the gig title this is the best practice and repeat your primary keyword at least two times in gig description.

Create a WordPress website,  WordPress design, which are primary keywords.

4. Try to Create Similar Gig 

There are a number of gigs in different categories. Cover all these categories of WordPress services. The total categories in WordPress are 8 Must cover at least 7 categories.

5. Check your Fiverr Gig rank

For checking your Fiverr gig Rank search any Gig in the search bar and enter a keyword, write your own gig tile and if it shows your profile on the first-page congratulation your gig is in high ranking.

for getting more views you need to share your Fiverr profile on different social media platforms. This is the best way to increase your Fiverr gig Ranking.

6. Spend More Time On Fiverr [24/7  You will get Guaranteed Order]

Always stay online if you want your gig to display on the first page of Fiverr.

Mostly Clients hire those freelancers who stay online and who are available any time. Always try to get friendly with your buyers, communicate with them be professional with clients try to give them the best services.

Most of Fiverr Seller have Questions on how to Stay Active all the time on Fiverr?

  • To spend more time on Fiverr you can purchase a simple laptop.
  • Open your Fiverr Profile ID on this laptop.
  • Install and Enable Auto Page refresh Extension.
  • Don’t be turn off this laptop.

You will get more orders. Your sale increase approximately 70% to 80%

This is the best way to keep your current clients to make them come and check your services again and again and refer your services to other people as well.

8. Response Time

The response time is more effective on the Fiverr gig ranking algorithm. Your Response time must be 100. Allow the buyers as a full 24 hours service and respond to their message within minutes.

This will boost your gig on the front pages and increase your sell 50%.

Because if you are looking for something Fiverr forum. What you can do??

After the search, something on the search field, you filter delivery time to Express 24H services  Then apply Budget value in Filter and then you mark on Seller Availability or Online option. 

You only send your requirement for those sellers who is online. So Stay Online.

9. Share Your Fiverr Gigs on Social Platforms

Most of the new sellers can create a gig and start waiting for buyers’ message. They really don’t know about how to optimize Fiverr gig SEO strategies. Once you create your Fiverr gig, start sharing it on different social accounts. Share your Fiverr gig on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook on the different hashtags.

It will increase your Gig Impression, Clicks, and Views. That will help to Improve your Fiverr Gig ranking and It will bring potential customers for you.

If possible then boost your Fiverr Gig on Facebook via Paid Ads. Due to this, you will gain Professional popularity.

10. Buy Or Exchange

Most of the sellers don’t no basic techniques of optimizing Fiverr Gig SEO Strategies. They can start exchanging gig orders. let’s suppose I am new on Fiverr, My friend is working for 3 months. I ask him for an order and a 5-star rating.

If you have no friend for exchange gig order. You can join Fiverr Facebook groups and ask someone to give you order as well as a 5-star rating. If still, you aren’t able to find a trusted friend don’t worry. You can comment Below we help you.

11. Increase Your Bookmark with Love Symbol

Most Favourite thing Fiverr Gig Ranking algorithm is No of Bookmark or Love Symbol. If you have a higher no of favorites might be your gig is on top of the first page and will give you more sales. Now the question is.

How to get More Bookmark or Love Symbol?

Share your gig with your friends ask him for Bookmark or Love Symbol your gig. Otherwise, the best way is to share Gig Link on Facebook groups and ask for Exchange Bookmark or Love Symbol

How many favorites do you need?

Search keyword that service you are providing. Check how many favorites on front page gigs. Then you need a higher number of Bookmark or Love Symbol for getting top gig rank.

12. Upload High-quality Images 

How to Optimize Fiverr Gig SEO, To optimize Fiverr gigs, you have to make sure what kind of image of Gig you are going to upload on your profile. It should be high-quality and relevant to your Gig description.

If your image is not good quality and irrelevant then most chances are that people will avoid and prefer other’s Gigs.

On your profile, the picture should be your real one. People want to work with the real in person and they wanted to know them who are working on their projects.

You can be built trust for your buyer and they can judge you as a person by your real profile picture.

Let’s talk about Fiverr policy about Images of the Gig 

If you do not follow these instructions Fiverr will be denied your Gig no matter how many orders you are completed. Once your gig is denied then it is not possible to make denied gig active again. Fiverr will not give you any chance to any appeal.

These are minor tips or minor SEO strategies on Fiverr. But you never underestimate these tips/techniques because these Fiverr SEO techniques play a very important role in your Fiverr gig ranking.

If you follow all these guidelines definitely you can get more orders more Impression and clicks. If you get more impressions and Clicks then Fiverr might rank your gig on top of the first page. if you do not follow this Instruction then no doubt Fiverr can rank down your gig.

Our Recommendation: Take a short time and think about those images that will represent you with your potential.

12.1 Your Fiverr Gig Image Quality

Your Fiverr Gig Image quality must be of high pixels or high-resolution images. If you are using a low-Quality Image or pixelated image. There are chances buyers will think your service is also of a low-Quality.

12.2 Fiverr Copyrights policies

When newbies create a gig on Fiverr they copy someone else images for their gigs.

Because the first time when I was creating a gig I also do the same thing and my gig are denied permanently.

Then I read the Fiverr policy regarding copyright image. Now I use Adobe Illustrator. But if you don’t know how to use Illustrator and have no time to take tutorials from youtube then Canva is the best option for you.

12.3 Avoid ClickBait Fiverr Don’t like this

Don’t force the buyers to click on your Fiverr gig images for the sake of clicks. This is against the Fiverr policy.  Fiverr can rank down your gig.

12.4 Stop Putting Badges on Gig Image

No matter which seller you are. Either you are New Seller, Level One Seller, Level Two Seller or Top Rated Seller but you are not allowed to use seller badges in your gig image and profile picture.

12.5 Stop Writing Text on Fiverr Gig Image

Most of the People mentioned their services on a single Gig image which is not good practice. Because most of the Buyers Don’t have time to read your services. they just scroll down.

You can make videos for your services otherwise write services in the gig description.

12.6 Why Density is More Imp in Fiverr Gig Ranking Algorithm?

Most of the logo designers can do this(The first image, Put all there logo’s on a single image). Fiverr does not like this practice.

You can just put one logo on the gig image. make sure your logo is attractive and eye-catching. Once the buyer sees your gig image he or she must click on it.

Don’t Rush logos on gig image. Just put one single logo on the gig image.

12.7 More Imp Uniqueness

If you have more then one gig you can create or design a different and unique image for each gig related to services.

For Example, Your Specialization is in WordPress designing. Shopify, E-commerce, Logo Designing. You must create a different image for each. This is another Fiverr SEO tip.

12.8 Off-course Authenticity will Matters

Your profile picture is your true representation of you Fiverr Profile and Fiverr Gig Image. So try to use your own picture.

Fiverr also prefer sellers who show their real face especially from the front face angle. Buyers will trust on you by your profile and your gig image. Must use your own Picture.

12.9 Stay Relevant to your services but How?

If you are providing more then one service then make sure the gig image must be related to your services that you are offering in each gig.

When you are using Irrelevant images, representation of your service will not perfect or effective. you will definitely be ranked down but also compromise your gigs credibility.

Important Note:

The Fiverr algorithm are too fast. They quickly trace whats going against Fiverr policy. If you challenge Fiverr policies may be Fiverr will kick you down. 

13. How to Optimize the Fiverr Gig SEO Or Fiverr Gig Ranking Factor

Fiverr’s search ranking Algorithm is exactly the same as Google’s search ranking. That’s the reason, it is more important to follow the best SEO strategies when you are creating or promoting your gigs on social media platforms.

Pro Tips only for Passionate Freelancers

  1. Increase your conversion rate.
  2. Stay online 24/7.
  3. Response Time Must be 100%
  4. Increase your Conversation rate to your new buyers.
  5. Try to become a higher level seller.
  6. Increase your Gig Impression.
  7. Setting up Extras.
  8. Get a Loyal Customer.
  9. Send Buyer Request immediately.
  10. Must use 3 packages.
  11. Try to make a good average selling rate.
  12. Promote your Fiverr Gig daily basis on Social media platforms. Increase your Impression, Click, Views
  13. Always Focus On Quality work.
  14. It must be completed on the same day.
  15. Cover all the similar categories that service you are providing.
  16. Make portfolio related to your services
  17. Believe On your Self Don’t e lose the hope.

If you follow above all strategies, you get new customers and 100% increase your sales. 

If you want to get a link from this page to your Fiverr profile do comments and paste your Fiverr profile link. Don’t worry we allow you.

If you have any questions related to How to Optimize the Fiverr Gig SEO Feel free to ask. We will reply to you ASAP.

If you have further any query or you want to discuss something about your images, Gig, SEO, anything regarding Fiverr just comment below. Fiverr Forum 


Don’t be dependent on Fiverr only because day by day Fiverr policies are getting more strict. Do something parallel with Fiverr. If you are a logo designer or WordPress designer try to make a tutorial video for youtube related to your service and put your gigs link in the video description.

Kindly Help your friends by sharing this article with your friends. 

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