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How to hide identity on social media using invisible character

How to hide identity on social media using invisible character

Every one of us has a social media account, and we uniquely present these accounts to make the profile look more attractive.

This trend is increasing surprisingly, and numerous applications are launched each day to make the profile different.

People use different techniques for attention-seeking, like making the text reverse or invisible, so the viewer gets surprised for a bit.

Everyone now follows these tricks, and people also enjoy these techniques to look cool.

Another factor that is rising nowadays with the spike of the internet is the privacy issue of people.

Each of us may have faced this issue once in life. To reduce this issue, people try to keep their online security tight.

They use invisible characters in their profiles so no one can access them and damage their privacy.

Some people use these invisible characters for fun, but the primary intention is to keep data secure.

Before going deep, let’s have a conversation on the invisible characters and their work.

What are invisible characters?

These characters show the space blank on the page, but the characters are present at the backend.

The human eye can’t see such characters, but a computer can easily detect them. This is because they are only invisible to humans.

Unicode system is used in these characters that make them unable to see or read. So they all look like a blank space, but they are characters in actuality.

How to hide identity using these tools?

The use of these tools is quite simple. First, a user has to click on the clipboard button. Then, it will provide a random number character to the user.

The user will copy that text and paste it on his social media profile. This thing will help him to hide his identity.

How to hide identity on social media using invisible character

If a person is not willing to show his profile name to others, he can use this technique to avoid people.

Users can see the profile then, but the username will be invisible to the human eye; thus, no one can see those characters.

Why do people use invisible characters?

There are numerous tools introduced till now that can generate the invisible character for the users and make their profile private.

These fantastic tools make the space blank and make the profile looking without any name.

People use these tools for multiple purposes, like making the profile private or grabbing other users’ attention.

Some extra uses of these tools are

  • The gamers use these tools while playing the games to hide their identity and keep their account private.
  • Some people use this tool to make a profile without a name to poke other people. This thing will also hide their identity and will not bring them in front of other people.
  • This tool is also used for fun purposes. People use this tool to send empty messages on WhatsApp and Instagram to have a fun chat.

  • The profile name of some people is not visible. This is all done by this tool as they have used the empty character in their profile to keep them private.
  • Some websites don’t support the empty spaces to keep the name. There a user can use the invisible characters to keep their privacy.


People having privacy issues can use these tools to help them keep their names away from hackers.

If anyone wants to have some fun with friends, he can use an invisible character as his profile name.

To grab the attention and sound fantastic on social media, people use these invisible characters.

A person can have great fun after using these tools. These are pretty easy to use and help to grab the devotion of other people.


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