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How To Create Gig On Fiverr & Earn Online $1000 Monthly

These facts mostly Fiverr seller don’t know about this. If you want to be a successful Seller, If you want to get more Orders, If you want to make more then $1000 in a month. You must Create Gig On Fiverr in the right way. 

Fiverr is a very broad Freelancing Platform. Where you can find any type of services that you want. From the Simple C++ assignment to a Big Website. A simple logo to a whole graphic designing Book.

From Simple Video too short ads to anonymous Video to animated video to character video. From data entry to Business ideas and many more things.

So let’s start how to sell these services and how to become a successful seller on the Fiverr. If you have any little questions about any type of question or confusion. just do comment. Don’t be worry I will help you.

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How to create Gig On Fiverr & Get More Orders & Make $1000 in Month

Step1:  Create Your Fiverr Account

Follow the above steps and create your Fiverr Profile.

Step2: Check Your Profile 

Before Create a gig on Fiverr, you must know these things.

Fiverr profile dashboard

  • Active Gigs: Here is you can see your Active and gigs reviews and ratings. If you want to delete your gig that will not affect your profile rating. It will remain the same.
  • Update Profile Description: If you Already write your description at the time of Seller account creation. You don’t need to write again. Just update it with your current situation.
  •  Profile Picture: Upload your professional photo with your front face. It will be a good impact on your buyers.
  • Language Selection: You can choose at least two languages and a maximum of three languages. Select those languages which have more buyers and fewer sellers.
  • Take a Test: The skills you are mention in your profile, Or Services that you are providing from your gig. You can verify it by taking a test. When You take good marks in this test this will be a good reason for your buyer’s trust in you.
  • Don’t worry if you failed this you have twice a chance in a month. you can do it again. and if you pass this test and you want to increase your marks, you can take a test again. The good thing is Fiverr compares your marks include your highest marks. The highest marks will appear on your profile.
  • Linked Accounts: This is another option in your profile. Linked your Fiverr Account with your social account and Q&A Platforms. Post something on your social or Q&A Platforms and give a backlink to your gigs or profile. This will help you to boost your gigs ranking.

  • Skills Update: Update your skill from time to time. Like when you create a Fiverr seller account you have only logo designing skills. After one month you spend time on Fiverr and you learn Flyer Designing, Brochure Designing, Now update your skills again and also Create Gig on Fiverr Related new skills
  • Education Update: Add your education information. I suggest you only add your latest degree. like if you are doing MS SOFTWARE ENGINEERING just add only MS SE Degree.
  • Certification Update: If you have any certification related to your Skills and Gig. Must update it. This will be a good Impression on your Profile, and your profile is looking Unique.

Step3: Start Create New Gig On Fiverr

  • Open your Fiverr Seller Dashboard and Click On Gigs.

  • Some Other Options: Here is you can see your all gig. If You want to delete your gig Just mark the options button right side of your gig and delete it.
  • If you want to pause the gig. Click on the right side of gig there is a drop-down option. and paused your gig.
  • Create Gig On Fiverr: You want to create a new gig on Fiverr. Click on Green Button Top right side.

How To Create Gig On Fiverr and Make $1000

Step4: Write Your Gig Title

  • Write a unique Gig Title. Must add at least two keywords in your Gig Title.
  • Now the question is how we can add two keywords. The answer is simple. There is two keywords in this line. Create a WordPress website Design. one is Create a WordPress website and next is WordPress website design.

How To Create Gig On Fiverr and Make $1000

  • Select Category and subcategory. And then select a service type.
  • If you have any idea about Gig MetaData.  Select those which you have any idea.
  • Search Tags: It’s Very Important to find and put effective tags. Perfect tags will boost your gig ranking. That’s how you will get more orders and make an extra amount.

  • How to Find Best Search Tags for Fiverr

  • For Example, am creating tags for WordPress. Go and search WordPress service on Fiverr.

How To Create Gig On Fiverr and Make $1000

  • Now, these are the best Tags for your service. Because Mostly buyers search these things so that’s why Fiverr suggests you these tags to improve your sales.

How To Create Gig On Fiverr and Make $1000

  • Write WordPress Only in Search Tags field next keyword Fiverr suggests you. Like WordPress Blog, WordPress Install, WordPress Template, WordPress Help, WordPress Themes. Majority of WordPress buyers seeking these services on Fiverr.
  • Compete for five tags and move to the next page.

Step5: Pricing Of your Fiverr Gig

There are a total of three packages.

  • Basic Package
  • Standard Package
  • Advance Package

Either you can choose only one package or three packages, that’s your choice.

  • Name You Package: Write an attractive package title. Also, make the difference between all packages.
  • Package Description: Write a brief description of all the packages.
  • Delivery Time: Mention your delivery time on each package. and make sure you should be complete the project within the time limit. Otherwise, your order should consider as a late delivery. So think about it and decide how much time you will take on your project completion.
  • Revision: How many times Buyers will ask you for changing to their project. I suggest you if you are new on Fiverr then select unlimited revisions.
  • Gig Extras: Use Gig Extras If you want to provide any extra service you can add it from Gig extras.
  • Must use this feature will help you to stand out from the crowd.

Pricing Of your Fiverr Gig

  • Complete all these. and move to the next page.

Step6: Write Your Gig a Description and FAQ

  • Write a Description in detail. Repeat your main keyword at least 3 to 4 times.
  • If you have any portfolio must paste the link of your website.
  • Mention all the related things that the service you are providing. Like if you are working on WordPress. Mention all possible projects Business website, Portfolio, Blog, etc.
  • If you have any question from a buyer must write it in the description.
  • Write something attractive and get more attention from the buyer.
  • Move the next page.

Step7: Write Your Gig Requirements

  • If you want any requirement for those buyers who just place the order without contacting you. writes your requirements here for these.

Write Your Gig Requirements

  • Once you complete your requirement move to the next page.

Step 8: Add a Gallery to Your Gig

  • Upload the picture or video for your Gig.

How To Create Gig On Fiverr and Make $1000

  • Now save and continue.
  • Click on Publish. 


The important thing is ONLY GIG CREATION is not enough for getting orders. If you want more orders and you want to make $1000 in a month you must know

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