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How To Change Username On Fiverr [Solved]

In this Tutorial of CrawlBytes, you will see how to Change the Username of Fiverr Profile. Mostly Fiverr seller creates their Fiverr seller account and starts creating a gig. After a time he/she thought, I need to change my username and make a professional. So here are the steps to change Username on Fiverr.

Is it possible to Change Fiverr Username ??

Fiverr is a large market place for those who want to earn online, start their business online from home then Fiverr is the best place for you. In the Fiverr, you can do almost everything because there is nothing rocket science in Fiverr services. Services of Fiverr start from simple logo designing to WordPress designing. Simple Illustration, storyboard, tattoo design, etc. If you are a social activist if you have nice influence on social media try to create gigs related to social media influencer.

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How To Change Username on Fiverr

First of all, you need to close your Account if you want to change your username, or you can deactivate your profile account and create a new Fiverr account.

Follow these steps:

  • First Logged in your account.
  • Click on your picture showing the right side on your profile.

Change Username on Fiverr

  • Go to settings.

Change username on Fiverr

  • The left side of your Screen “Account” Scroll Down.

Change Username On Fiverr

  • When you will go to the Deactivation Account Section.Change username on fiverr
  • select drop-down menu list and click on reason from that

Change Username on Fiverr

  • Then click on Deactivate Account

Change Fiverr Username

  • Now you will get a message that Fiverr Account Closed


But before closing you’re account, make sure these things.

  • Check if you still have funds in your account. First, withdraw your funds then you should deactivate your Fiverr Account.
  • If you are planning to close your current account and wanted to open the new profile, then be careful while using the email id for verification. Because you cannot use the same email id on the new profile account.

Do you want to create a new account on the current email?

If you want to use your existing email of the current account to your new account. You should change your email from the existing current account and update the new email.

  • First Logged in your account.
  • Click on your picture showing the right side on your profile.

Change Username on Fiverr

  • Go to settings.

Change username on Fiverr

  • Update your email and click on the Save button.


  • Now you will receive a notification on your email. Confirm it.
  • Fiverr Not allowed to change your username. Because your username is URL of your Account.
  • After you close your account. Now create your new account.
  • Apply a new or existing email address.
  • Try a different user name.
  • Add a new Paypal account.
  • Use a new phone number as well.


Why Fiverr Account Restricted

The question is How to Restricted Fiverr Account, but the thing is why your profile account has been Restricted?

  • Only if you have violated Fiverr Terms and Conditions of their services then they have the rights to close your Fiverr account instantly.
  • You can read and go through the page of all terms and conditions. You can contact customer support, but you have to wait for a while because they respond a little slow.
  • If you left your amount in your account then you will get in 45 days. Always remember, if you violated their terms and conditions then Fiverr will not reactivate your account.


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