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How to change IMEI number on iPhone Step by Step

How to change IMEI number on iPhone Step by Step: Beforehand you go into learning about how to change the IMEI number on the iPhone, you have to understand first about ‘what is the IMEI number on iPhone?

What is the IMEI number on the iPhone?

The IMEI means International Mobile Equipment Identity is a unique numeric identifier for all mobile devices. This number is helpful to make a difference between all other devices. If you need your mobile phone to repair sometime then he will use its IMEI number tracking, which seems really important for all iPhones. This IMEI number is a collection of 14 digits plus 15 digits also for verification this string. And 16th digit is including the information of the phone device software version that is called as IMEISV.

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Check IMEI number of your iPhone?

You can search for this number on several places on different devices, including settings in iTunes on the original packaging. There are many ways you can find your mobile device’s IMEI. The most popular way is to go into the device’s dialer app.

Step 1:   You can Tap *#06# and then you will see your IMEI number on your display screen. Sometimes the packaging from retail does have the labels displaying IMEI there.

How to change the IMEI number on the iPhone?

There is a very simple way of changing the IMEI number on the iPhone by following the steps below. You can change the IMEI number by using the Ziphone and PC tools. For the iPhone, there is an open-source tool with the name of ZiPhone. You can change and the IMEI number just within minutes on the iPhone.

The most important thing you must know before changing IMEI of your iPhone

But before you change the IMEI number on iPhone, you need to remember these following points to check:

  • Your iPhone has to be activated or unlocked already. You also can check the guides before you activate your iPhone.
  • In case you are changing your iPhone IMEI device number, the warranty will be finished. And if your phone warranty time period has already ended, then you can easily change the number of IMEI.
  • You can be caught if you change the number IMEI of the phone who has been stolen and illegal.

After reading and applying these points as above, now we can move to the next steps one by one as a user guide so that you can change the number of IMEI on your iPhone:

Follow Step by Step:

Step1: Get the IMEI number of your iPhone device first.

Step2: Make sure that your iPhone device is Jailbroken because this method will only work for Jailbroken iPhone devices.

Step3: You can download this tool ‘ZiPhone’ on your PC from various websites available on search engines.

  • For Window ZiPhone File
  • For MAC ZiPhone File

just double click on the ziphone.zip folder on the desktop, extract it then rename this folder as ‘ziphone’. This folder will look like this:

Step4: Press now the R key and Windows key on the keypad together. Then you will see the Run small window in the bottom corner on the left side of the screen. Then type now ‘cmd’, click the OK button for launching a command prompt. For Windows 10, if you are using it on desktop operating system then you will see a search bar, on the bottom left on the screen, now type ‘command prompt’ and double click this command prompt for launching it. For Windows 8, if you are using it on a desktop operating system, click again on the windows key, the search bar will appear on the right top corner on the screen, then type ‘command prompt’ and double click this command prompt for launching it.

Step5: Now you have to type one command in the command prompt for navigating into the ZiPhone directly. If you find your directory in the Download folder or on your desktop, then just type this command: cd Downloads/ZiPhone – And if your directory comes in the Download folder then you will see a command prompt as:

Or if your directory comes on the desktop then you type the following command for navigating into the ZiPhone directory: cd Desktop/ZiPhone

Step6: Now executive this command ‘ziphone’ to look at your all possible usage. With executing the command of ‘ziphone’, the command prompt will look like this:

Step7: This program will prompt now to put your iPhone device into the recovery mode. For doing this, you have to press the button of Wake/Sleep and the button of power, then hold them until your Apple Logo will be displayed on the phone screen. Once your Apple Logo will appear then release the only Wake/Sleep button and you will see now that the Logo of iTunes with one cable on-screen is displaying. After you connect your iPhone to your operating system desktop.

Step8: Now you enter the new number of IMEI by using this command:
ziphone -u –I a123456789012345 (replace the 123456789012345 with your any desired number).

Step9: This program starts searching for ‘zibri.dat’ file on your desktop, then it searches for your iPhone device that has already connected with your desktop. If you found it then it will show that wait for 2 – 3 minutes.’ This time your iPhone device will reboot and then it could be unlocked as well with your new IMEI number.

After all, you have changed your iPhone Device IMEI number successfully. Now you can easily do it by following the above steps at any time. For changing the IMEI number on any iPhone device, you can go through this process only for a temporary basis. While changing this IMEI number, anyone can use it as a fake identity on their devices just like a trick for getting rewards from any recharge apps stores. Or it can be used for some people to enjoy and get rewards from other networking provider companies.

This method will be useful only for unlocked and activated iPhone devices. Always remember that you will lose your iPhone original IMEI number issued by your manufacturing warranty company after applying this method. Now finally you have got your new IMEI number by using these above methods, and you will be able to unlock your iPhone device yourself without any third party to repair it.

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