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How to change full name on Fiverr in 2 Minutes

In this tutorial, you will learn how to change full name on Fiverr in 2 steps. First of all you must know Fiverr has applied so many changes on there, a minor mistake can block your account instantly. The most error accrues while going through the process of verification or when people use different VPN to change the location.

Throughout the verification procedure, Fiverr ask you to make your ID by uploading your photo and user name. It’s a very funny thing when people forget to go through the process of verification and start changing their names.

In that way, the accounts get completely ban forever on Fiverr. When you start creating your gigs and try to change your full name on Fiverr then you will not find any other way to change your names again.

If you already had created gigs and wanted to change the full names might be first of all, you have to delete your all gigs, after that, you will be able to change it.

But if you have a rating on your gig then you can try to change your Full name, Follow the given method mentioned Below.

On the backend, the Fiverr team will do all verification processes after you change your full name.

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How to change Full name on Fiverr

  • To change your full name on Fiverr, you have to find this page from where you can access to modify it.
  • And when you will delete your old gigs and create new ones, only then you will be able to see this access page. Even you can go to this link directly.
  • Here is a link:
  • This link will open a direct link to that page from there you will have all account information details to edit Fiverr profile information on the time when you are creating a new Fiverr profile and gig.
  • Now fill your original ID details, save it and now have the verified account without fearing your banned account.
  • When you change your Full name and everything that you want, scroll down the page and click on continue. Repeat this on every page.

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