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How to build Wix website
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Growing businesses through online platforms are essential these days. Online appearance not only increases the efficiency of a business but also the number of customers. Business owners can serve a wide variety of customers in less time. But online appearance needs some trusted resources where you can set up your whole business.

Here we have a highly trusted software company that is helping millions of people to achieve their dream. Wix is here to simplify your workload with its customizable website options.

Moreover, you can design the website in accordance with your business. Also, Wix takes care of the maintenance and your security. Thus, Wix is offering an empowering platform to upgrade your business to a new level.

Creating a website on Wix is a piece of cake, which does not require any complex knowledge.

Thus, if you are a beginner then let’s go through together from the simple process. Make sure to read till the end to gather full guidance to know how to build a Wix website.

Now let’s have a look at the step-by-step guide to know how to build a Wix website. In order to demonstrate how to build the Wix website, we have also used images to provide a clear demonstration.

1. Signing Up With Wix

Offering a beginner-friendly interface, knowing how to build a Wix website is like a breeze. First of all, go to the Wix website where you have to select start for free. By clicking this, you will be moved to the signup page. On the signup page, you have to add your login details such as email and a strong password.

Note: You can reset your password if you forget through your email. So make sure to add an authentic email.


Once you have set up the account, now you can log in by using your credentials.

The login page will take you to the dashboard of your Wix account. Here you will be able to see various options which are shown in the picture below.

You will be able to view all the websites that you have created over here in the future. Additionally, you can view, edit or see the dashboard of the respective site.

In order to learn how to build Wix website, make sure to read thoroughly.

As a beginner, this will be your first site, so your dashboard will appear empty as in the above picture. Now, to start creating your first website, click on + Create New Site.

By doing so, you will be directed toward some questions. These questions will help you to further facilitate the process. Here you can select your business type, website name, and much more.

2. Choose A Template

In the next step, Wix offers two options to design your website. You can either get a template from Wix or customize your design. If you are a beginner, we will recommend opting for a template.

Choosing a template is a breeze because there is a list of uniquely designed templates that are available for free. You can enter your business type and search for the template accordingly.

There is an unlimited list of templates that are loved across the globe. The designers have utilized their creative abilities to the fullest to provide optimized layouts. Moreover, the templates are not mediocre just like other software, where free templates lie beyond creativity.

For every business type, there are a large number of options mesmerizing templates to choose from. Meanwhile, this is one of the reasons why Wix is one of the top website builders. Here you can create your website in minutes with a visually appealing look.

Gone are the days when you have to hire professional designers to make a visually attractive website. With these templates, you can design your professional website in minutes.

These templates will have a positive impact on your customers as you will get a fully designed website in a few minutes. Also, creating a website is free, which adds to its pros.

You can view it in both versions i.e, desktop and phone. So that you can get to know what it will look like. Also, this helps in making a decision about whether you like your site design or not. Once you have finalized your template, now it’s time to set up your website and know how to build Wix website further.

3. Customize Your Website

After selecting a template, you can edit it further. A pre-designed template might have some aspects that you are not a fan of. So, here you can do further editing to make your website the way you dream of. You might be curious about how to build the Wix website that you have in mind.

Wix offers plenty of customizable options to give you a free hand over your website design.

Here you can edit according to your needs. Such as you don’t like the menu in your template. Then you can add the type of menu you like. Similarly, if you want to add anything else you can do this by simple clicking Add Elements on the left side.

For example, let’s have a look at how to add a button to your website template. First of all, click on Add Elements, then select Buttons. Here you will have all the buttons available. You can simply add these by drag and drop method.

Once you drag and drop, the selected element will be added to your website. From there you can move it around to adjust its location.

When you will place it on the website, the element will have editing options along it. Here you can further customize the color, size, and font according to your taste and needs.

Here you can see various editing options along the shop button. You can edit font, shape, and color in the way you want them to be.

Just like here, we have edited the SHOP button, its color, font, and text style. Similarly, you can edit and customize these elements according to your needs and requirements. Now you know how to build Wix website from scratch.

4. Using Wix Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI)

For creating a website with Wix artificial design intelligence you need to answer some questions. Doing so, Wix will create a customized website for your business according to your stated requirements.

Here, you have to select “lets Wix ADI create a website for you”. As it states by answering a few questions, Wix will automatically design your website in a few minutes. If you don’t want to learn how to build Wix website from scratch then this option is a great way to save time.

Moreover, if you are not concerned about the alignment and every minor detail then this is the best option.

Now to get started, you need to add your business details. Further, when you will add all the details click next. The next page that will appear is as follows.

Here you have to select a theme that you want Wix to follow. You can also change the font later on your website if you don’t like them. Select your favorite font and click on the next bottom at the right bottom of the screen.

Then further, you have to choose your home page style.

Meanwhile, here you will have some amazing options to style your website. You can choose the one that suits your dream website. Also, don’t forget that these are customizable later. In case you don’t get what you want, you can edit it later. After choosing your home page style click on next.

Now, from here on you can add pages that you want on your website. Different websites have different requirements. So, you can add the pages that are required for your business. After selecting the desired pages, click on Edit Site.

This will take you to your website overview, where you can further edit it in the Wix editor. Thus, we can say that Wix sticks to its advertising statement of creating a website with Wix in minutes. Above all, now you know how to build Wix website with ADI.

5. Set Up Your Domain Name

Further, we will move to another essential aspect of creating the online presence of your business. Setting up your domain name will increase the visibility as well as the appearance of your website. You can set up your domain by simply clicking the connect your domain.

When you will click on this, a new dialogue box will appear. The box states as follows

It’s better to use the same domain as your business name. Thus, you will have to click on Get a new domain, if you don’t have any domain. By clicking this you will be directed to the pricing plans.

From here you can select the plan that you want to opt for. Three plans are available for your ease. After completing the purchase you will be able to set up your domain name.

6. Prioritize Your Content

Once you know how to build Wix website, it’s time to edit your content. Creating a website is not difficult anymore but you need to be vigilant about what you add there for your audience. Your website content matters a lot to your audience. Also, this is a factor on which your website visibility depends.

Since there are a large number of competitors in the market so you have to make sure to provide your best to customers. This means you have to filter the most valued content for your website.

Better focus on keyword research, so that you are using the right keywords that people are searching for. A great website design combined with good-quality content will help you drive more traffic to your business.

7. Preview And Publish Your Website

Once you have completed all your editing, it’s time to have a look at your website. Save your work, though Wix saves your work from time to time. But it’s better to stay on the safe side and save your work. Then move towards the preview option.

The preview will help you find out any unnecessary detail. Also, this will help you to view how it will look to your customers. The preview option is helpful to sort out any errors before publishing the website.

If you are happy with your website preview, it’s time to publish your website. Publishing will make your website visible to your customers. On default, Wix will publish your website with the Wix subdomain.

Meanwhile, you can also connect to a custom domain by subscribing to the paid plan. There is various paid plan, from which you can opt for the one that satisfies your needs.

On the top right corner, there will be the options of preview and publish.

It’s better to use the same domain as your business name. Thus, you will have to click on Get a new domain, if you don’t have any domain. By clicking this you will be directed to the pricing plans.

You can see the preview as your customers will see your website on their desktops or phone. Additionally, both previews are available for desktop as well as mobile phones. Once you are satisfied with your website you can publish it from the top right corner.

By doing so, your website will be visible to your customers.

8. Optimize Your Website For Search Engines

After knowing how to build Wix website which is fully functional, it’s time to move further. Now we will have to make sure that whatever we have worked on is visible to our potential customers. How will it become possible for your business website to be visible? Here Search engine optimization comes into the game.

The ranking of the website on google is done with an algorithm. Here the most relevant content makes its place in the top ranks. So if you want to make your rank higher make sure to optimize your website with SEO.

9. Optimize For Mobile

Meanwhile, knowing how to build Wix website is not enough until you take care of all aspects. Nowadays, you must notice how mobile phone users are increasing day by day. Almost every individual has a mobile phone. This means that majority of the customers will use a mobile phone to search your website.

Thus, it is essential to optimize your website for mobile phones. Since there is a major difference between a desktop website and a mobile website.

Meanwhile, optimizing a website for mobile means checking the website’s loading speed, navigation, and much more.

For a mobile user, you should simplify your menu, so that users can easily navigate the options. Also, check for the ease of taking action. Due to the small screen, if the action buttons are small, this might frustrate the customers.

10.             Use Social Media To Promote Your Website

The next step after knowing how to build Wix website is to promote it. Marketing is an essential tool that provides awareness and works to increase engagement. The general public will be able to approach your content only if they knew about it. And here the question arises how will they know about it?

The answer to the question is simple, it’s marketing. Today social media is one of the most famous tools for marketing. Whether it’s a small business or large, people market their businesses through social media.

Because this gives a lot of publicity through the advertisement ads. So, it’s a must-have these days to promote your website through different social media platforms. These include Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and many others.

11.             Maintain Your Site

People often believe that creating a website for once is needed. They can rely on a single website, after knowing how to build Wix website for the rest of their lives. However, there is no truth in this. Today, new trends keep on releasing in the market. If you want to survive then the only way out is to stay updated with the trends.

Yes, this means that if you have created your website then you need to regularly maintain it. Meanwhile, maintaining the website needs a bunch of things some of which we are listing below.

  • Check for Any errors.
  • Update The information
  • Give your website a makeover
  • Update the SEO of your website.

First checking for errors means loading all your pages and making sure they are loading appropriately. In case any page is showing an error you will need to resolve it. In order to make sure that your customers will have the best experience on your website.

Secondly, updated information has more value. To keep your customers updated about your business your website plays an important role. Thus, its essential to regularly update the information.

Further, we will talk about giving a makeover to the website. New designs of the website will attract more customers. So make sure to give your website a new look after some time.

At last, we have SEO of the website. On a simpler side, we can say that the visibility of the website depends on its search engine optimization. There are many Wix SEO agencies in the market that will help you to keep your SEO updated from time to time.


So, here we have discussed how to build Wix website in detail. Now you are aware of the whole process. It’s not time taking but need some know-how of creating the website. Wix is a great platform for all business owners who don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars for a website.

Meanwhile, make your online presence easier with crawlbytes.






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