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100+ Best Gigs Ideas In 2021 to Make upto $1000 On Fiverr

Start freelancing on Fiverr with unique creative and best Fiverr gig idea. In the Fiverr platform, there are hundreds of thousands of freelancers are already providing their service on Fiverr. If you want to start your career as a freelancer then you must come up with a new creative and unique Fiverr Gig Idea.

There is a lot of categories in Fiverr where you can create your service gig. Here we can discuss major categories. We also discuss which category is best to create a gig and sell more.

First of all, I want to tell you. If you think that only developers can earn on Fiverr, only those can earn on Fiverr who has some skills or any computer science degree holders can earn on Fiverr. Then you are totally wrong. First of all, you need to create an account on Fiverr. Also, create a Fiverr gig in the right way. if you create a Fiverr gig with new ideas and follow the right instruction your earning is increase within a few months.

If you want any help regarding Fiverr you can contact us on the Fiverr account

The very most important thing nowadays is mostly noobs freelancers can create an account on Fiverr and they start waiting for a project. They think only account creation is enough to get an order and make a huge amount of money. But the reality is totally opposite. When you created a Fiverr account and gig. you must start sharing it on Facebook Linked In Twitter and many other social media platforms. You must need to do Fiverr gig optimization doesn’t matter how much your Fiverr gig idea is best and unique.

Find low competition gig ideas:

Here we discuss why we need to find a low competition gig idea? How we find a low competition gig idea?

Why do we need to find a low competition gig idea?

I will just show you in the below picture how many gig ideas which are already created in WordPress related service. Like WordPress Webdesign bt Elementor, WordPress website design by Divi, and much more. if you are also providing WordPress related service you need to complete all these 59000 gigs and ranked your gig service on the first page of Fiverr then you will get a good number of orders that make you happy.

Actually, this is too much hard. You need to do too much effort to ranked your gig and get an order in this category. So that’s why you need to find low competition gig ideas.

Suppose if you created your gigs in a low competition gig where the total number of gigs is 500 you can easily rank on the first page and even you do Good On-Page SEO you can rank top position on the first page. In this way, you don’t need to do too much effort to get ranked and get good numbers of orders.

How to find low competition gig.

If you understand the reason behind the importance of low competition gig. Now we move to How to find low competition gig. You can visit your niche category.

See how many gigs are already created.

What services they are provided.

If the total number of gigs is not more than 5000 to 8000 then you can easily compete with other gigs. Another necessary thing is you can observe what the service is still missing, and you can also say what new possible service you can provide in which there are a number of gigs are less.

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What are the Best Fiverr Gig Ideas?

Fiverr is a very wide platform. There are a lot of categories that are similar to your interest. You can create a gig relevant to your passion and your interest.

For Example, if you have good communication skills you have enough confidence to stand in front of a camera so the spokesperson-related category of gig Ideas is best for you to create a gig.

In this category, your clients give you a script and you can read this script in front of the camera. Here is the question of why can anyone give you a script to read. Why he cannot read their own script in front of the camera.

Because if anyone who is an expert in web development graphic designing etc. might be, he is not enough confidence to face the camera. It might be possible he has not good English-speaking communication. It’s also possible that he has not a good camera and many other reasons.

So, if you want to start a spokesperson job on Fiverr you must have a good camera, mic, Nice background, attractive and eyecatching look. Because once anyone starts watching your videos, they must watch your full video and listen to your message carefully.

Note: We can also discuss and suggest your best category for you. You can contact us.

Gig Idea 1: Graphics Designing:

Here we start from the very first category called Graphic Designing related gig ideas. Graphic design is one of the very wide categories in the Fiverr platform. There are 40+ subcategories in graphic design and hundred of thousands+ of new gigs ideas. If you want to start working on a graphic designing service you must know which tool is the best for this service.

There is a number of tools. Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, etc. But I suggest you Adobe Illustrator for logo designing, Art & Illustration. Remaining all the categories, I suggest Adobe Photoshop.

First of all, we discuss Logo Design gig idea work, in this, your client asks you to create a logo for his company Your client gives you some detail about his company. What type of company? Like a computer equipment company, Web designing company, Mobile/Cell phones related company. When you understand what type of service your client is providing then you can create a logo relevant to his service.

Gig Idea 1.1: Logo Designing:

There is a number of types of logo designing related to gig ideas in this category. You just need to look at all of these gig ideas at least one time. After doing that might be you will get some idea about which service is best for you. In which logo designing service you want to start.  Because when you start creating Fiverr gig on you must mention in the title which logo designing service you are offering to your client.

  • Custom logo designing gig idea
  • Freestyle and hand-Drawn logo gig idea
  • Vector logo designing gig idea
  • Mascot logo gig idea
  • Vintage Logo gig idea
  • 3D, Signature related gig idea is also not bad
  • Water or minimalist Logo designing gig idea

Gig Ideas 1.2: Packing and Labels

In the packing and labels category, there is a lot of subcategories. For Example, In book design service there are many options. Like you can create a front and back cover of books. You can do the layout and formatting service of an ebook. Provide kindle covers for those who are publishing their books on amazon. magazine covers, 3D Book Pack, Smashwords, Lulu or any other Covers, ACX Audiobook Cover all these are very best gig ideas if you are a good graphic designer and also if you have good skills in illustrator or photoshop.

Another best Fiverr gig ideas which are album covers. In this, clients give you services like create a mixtape cover, psychedelic album cover or custom music artwork, etc. If you don’t know about these things you can watch youtube videos related to album cover design.

  • Book Design Gig Idea
  • Album Cover Design another best Fiverr Gig Idea
  • Packing Design of different material on Fiverr gig idea

Gig Idea 1.3: Visual Design 

Visual design is also the best category in this all the services are related to photoshop. For Example, background removal is a normal service. Your client gives you pictures and ask you to remove the background of all these pictures or replace the background. There are many other services like face swapping, retouching resizes your photo, manipulation, etc.

  • Photoshop editing service Gig Idea
  • Presentation design service Gig Idea
  • Infographic service Gig Idea
  • Vector Editing service Gig Idea

Gig idea 1.4: Merchandising

In the merchandising category, all the work is related to making the design for T-Shirts, Cups, and many other things. In design included custom cartoons anime, Full-color design base, color design, etc.

  • Merchandising and T-Shirt designing is the best gig idea because of low competition and a short number of gigs are providing service in this category.

Gig Idea 2: Digital Marketing:

Digital marketing is one of high profile high rated and highly professional category. There is almost all the work in this category is technical. In this category, you need to do a digital marketing service for your client. Like when someone starts their business online or offline they can do powerful marketing of their business. That’s why they can hire you to do digital marketing of their service or product.


Gig Idea 2.1: Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is also one of the best choices in this service your client gives you some material. Like 1 or 2 pages of content, images, and maybe his own social media pages and accounts. If he doesn’t give you social business pages and accounts you can use your own pages. Make ads publish his content and images and filter the targeted users. If you have a little bit of experience in Social Media Marketing then you can do it easily.

Gig Idea 2.2: Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

SEO is another marketing strategy. In this mostly client requirement related to doing On-SEO of his blog post also clients want to do Off-Page SEO like high authority domain link. Most of the clients want the complete SEO audit of their website and keyword research. You need to create different gigs for all these services. Like you can create a dedicated gig for On-Page SEO. FOr the Off-Page SEO, you need to create another gig.

Gig Idea 2.3: Content Marketing 

In this category, you need to share content on different social sites. You need to publish the guest post on the same niche website like if someone gives you a real estate related post you must find the real-Estate website with high domain authority and then contact him via email and publish the post. You need to create a content calendar as per your client’s requirement.

Gig Idea 3: Writing & Translation:

This category is all about Content Writing related gig ideas. But the purpose is different so requirements are changed for a specific purpose.

content writing gig ideas


Gig Idea 3.1: Article & Blog Post

In web content gig idea Maybe your client asks you to write a blog post or guest post for someone. So, you must be careful about On-Page SEO your content is must be user-friendly. Easy to read. Must be used heading tags and bullets etc.

Gog Idea 3.2: Resume writing

Now there is another subcategory which is Resume writing. I this category you must follow a professional template for your client and create a resume on some tool also give him/her a source file of resume. Mostly sellers can use online templates. I suggest you create a whole new design in photoshop or illustrator and when the client asks source file you must deliver it.

Gig Idea 3.3: Proofreading & Editing Is Also

Proofreading & Editing is a category where sellers can do proofreading and editing task of different essays or documents like College essays, technical documents, legal documents, blog posts, biographies, presentations, political memos, short stories, marketing emails, brochures, kindle books, web content, dating profiles, advertisements, novels, non-fiction books, screenplays, and manuscripts.

There are many other sub-categories in the writing & translation category. Before starting working on any gig idea you can visit in this category. you will get the idea about which type of services or gigs are providing by sellers in this category.

Gig Idea 4: Video & Animation:

Video & Animation is a very expensive category in Fiverr. It has a very low number of gigs as compared to other categories. The reason is because of video editing tools. Like if we talk about After effects it’s very heavy software.

When you start working on this software it will take 70% to 80% resources of your laptop or computer. If you are interested and want to start working on video animation so you need to purchase a heavy PC with at-least 16GB RAM with 256SSD and at-least 4GB to 8GB graphic card.

Gig Idea 4 Video Animation

Now we discuss which types of tasks or jobs sellers are providing in this category.

Gig Idea 4.1: Whiteboard & Animated Explainer Videos Gigs

Most sellers are creating Whiteboard & Animated Explainers Videos is the best Fiverr gig idea to start a career in this you need to explain your client service in your video. Because most people prefer to watch a video rather than shitty images. Short Video Ads in this seller explain the service of his client or the product of his client.

In this category, there are also many sub-categories. Like gig idea for animation for kids, Gig idea for game trailer videos, Gig Idea for spokes-persons videos, Gig idea for character animation, Gig Idea for 3D model animation, visual effects related Gig ideas, screencasting and animation related gig ideas for streamers, etc.

I suggest you if you are passionate about graphic designing and animation videos then you can choose it. Otherwise, it’s very hard work for you to continue your career in this field.

Gig Idea 5: Programming Tech:

Programming is a technical category. In this field, you must have the skills to make professional tasks. In the programming category mostly sellers can do programming related tasks. Like C++ assignment, Python assignment, C# assignment, HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, etc.

Gig Idea 5 Programming Tech

Gig Idea 5.1: Website Designing And Development Related

Sellers are also providing website designing and website development-related services for those who are interested in programming-related services these its the best gig ideas for you. Most of these are creating or designing services by different designing languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for validation.

Website backend development by PHP or Python because these are the most powerful and worldwide useable language. The important thing is if you are designing and developing a website by language. It will be highly costly and it will take more time.

Sellers are charged $500 for these types of simple websites. You can also create your client business website, portfolio, blog, or travel website on Wix, Squarespace, or WordPress. These are the best Fiverr gig ideas for you if you are a passionate programmer.

Website Design by Pro-Builders (Good Idea)

There is another way to create a website without learning any programming language. You can use website pro builders. Now the question is what is website builders. Builders are WordPress plugins.

For Example, you want to create a business website for someone. You just need to install WordPress. Now you can install Astra theme or Divi theme or Ocean Theme. These themes can give you full stretched access of the page from the top menu to the footer. You can just drag and drop the elements that you need.

Gig Idea 5.2: E-Commerce website by Pro-builders is one of Nice Idea

There are many other website categories like product selling website is called E-Commerce website. If you have any product you want to sell it online. you need to create an E-Commerce website with the Woo-Commerce plugin. If you don’t have products and you want to sell something online you can start Drop-shipping. For the drop-shipping, there is Shopify or Magento.

Gig Idea 5.3: Upgrade Client Website Easy Best Gig Idea

Most of your clients already have a website. They ask you to upgrade his website. Add new features or remove any feature from his website. So, you must have experienced otherwise before getting an order you can do a google or watch a video related to your client order requirement.

Another thing in this category is application development. There are three types of major tasks in this category. Android application development related gig, IOS application development related gig, or convert your website into android or IOS application, this one is also a unique gig idea. In application development, there are game development tasks or simple applications or tutorial apps. These are also the best gigs ideas for you.

Gig Idea 6: Business Related

The Business category is quite simple as compared to other categories.

Business Gig Ideas

Gig Idea 6.1: Virtual Assistants

The major tasks in this category are virtual assistants. In a virtual assistant, your client hires you for a couple of days weeks or probably for the whole month. He gives you a different assignment or data entry project. You need to be done within a time limit.

There are many other categories for example data entry gig idea, Branding service presentation gig idea, etc. In the data entry, you have some data you need to enter all the data in MS Excel, etc. Same as in presentation. You have some data you need to make a nice presentation.

I suggest you visit in this category. You will get the idea of how it working and what I need to provide and which gig idea is best for you.

Gig Idea 7: LifeStyle

LifeStyle Gig Ideas

In the Lifestyle category, there are many subcategories. If you don’t have any special skills like technical skill you can follow this category. There is a lot of gig ideas we will discuss all these one by one.

Gig Idea 7.1:  Online Lessons

First of all, we will discuss Online Lessons related gig ideas this is also a very broad category. In which we will discuss everything that you have. Suppose you are a good football player, Table tennis player, good swimmer or any other game you are an expert in that. Simply you can create gig with the title of “I will provide coaching in Football Table Tennis Swimming” its the best idea.

If you are not interested in playing any game. You are one of those guys who is interested in reading books so you can offer something relevant to your interest. If you are a good mathematician you can offer something like “I can solve your assignments”, “I will help you in discrete math or Linear algebra”, etc. If you are having a good voice you can sing songs you can also offer like “I will be coaching you in voice lessons singing lessons” etc

All these are unique and best Fiverr Gig ideas. If you follow any of these and if you have good knowledge of related service you will get much order within a few days.

It doesn’t matter what skills you have. You can teach your skill to everyone on Fiverr and make money from that.

Gig Idea 7.2: Arts and Crafts Related

In this category, you can design something new creative unique, and attractive. Mostly seller providing canvas wall, 3D models, and painting service all these are very unique and best Fiverr gig ideas if you have graphic designing skills.

In this category total of 3000 gigs. If you start providing your service in this category and do some effort, stay active at least 24/3 your gig can be ranked easily.  In this category, the total number of gigs is not too much.

Important thing is, provide highly professional service, communicate in a nice way and humble way, because good communication skill is key to success in Fiverr.

Note: Must be watch videos related to how to make 3D models, Canvas wall and painting of different things like tables, hand watch do practice. You must have a grip on these.

Gig Idea 7.3: Relationship Advice Is The Best Gig Idea Without Any Skills

In this category, there is a lot of gigs or services. In this category mostly clients are discussing their relationship. For Example, My girlfriend is cheating on me on what can I do, or my boyfriend is cheating on me on what can I do. Am so depressed about it. Most clients need powerful magic to control their friend because he/she falls in love with him/her.

I discuss a few examples from the whole category. I suggest you please visit the Relationship category scroll down the whole page; you will get a new idea from that. I hope so you will provide a new unique idea.

Gig idea 7.4: For Health, Nutrition & Fitness

Its another best service in Fiverr. Its specially for those who are doing gym, Yoga, or any other exercise. Gender doesn’t matter. In this service, you will provide health tips, diet plans gig ideas to your client.

You can also provide custom workout plans, workout videos, Recipes, Ingredients, Servings, Cooking Directions these are also the best Fiverr gig ideas. You can also provide Meal Plans that are perfect for small Business Owners, Wellness Coaches, Bloggers, and Influencers, who want to build their email list.

In this category, the total number of gigs is approximately 3000. If you start working in this category from today. No doubt you will be a top-ranked Fiverr seller within one month. Make sure your consistent in this job. Consistency is also key to success in every business.

Gig Idea 7.5: Astrology & Reading Related Gig Idea:

In this category mostly sellers are providing services or gigs like cast big money spell for financial freedom, extremely powerful jinx obsession love spell, powerful white magic and hypnotize controlling love spell, and much more.

In this category, the total number of gigs is not enough. If you have some knowledge related to Astrology you can start providing service in this category the this is the best gig idea for you. You can Visit Fiverr and scroll down the Astrology category you will get an idea of what’s going on in that and how you can make a start.

Gig Idea 7.6: Family & Genealogy Gig Idea:

First of all, you must know, in this category the total number of gigs is only 300+. Every gig has 30 to 40 reviews. This means in this category there are a smaller number of sellers and a higher number of clients are availing of this service.

Here is the question is what we can do in this service. In this category, you can do genealogy research for your client’s family tree. You must have church records, census, military, and other government records.

You will help your clients to learn his/her family’ story and find documentation to trace his/her roots. If you have Access to worldwide records & paid resources that are very helpful for you. Otherwise, you can just focus on your local area.

Gig Idea 7.7:  Gaming and Live Streaming

You can provide Design, Develop, Animation services. It’s the best category to make money on Fiverr. In this category, the total number of gigs is approximately 8000. There is a number of gaming services are provided by Fiverr sellers.

For Example, PUBG, Minecraft, Rainbow six siege, CSGO, Fortnite Battle royal. These sellers have very next level practice in their specific game. You can offer services like “I can install PUBG game in your pc”, “I can coach you in-game” through Team Viewer software, etc. For further details, you can visit the gaming category so you will get a new idea from that.


In this article, we discuss everything in very deep detail. The important thing is you can start your career in that category that is relevant to your interest and skills.

Suppose you have good skills for logo designing but you want to provide your service in web designing. Don’t do that. You can provide service for logo designing. In parallel, you can learn to do practice and then provide both services.

Another important is must be read all the Fiverr policies every week. Update your gig with Fiverr Polices.

If you want any help regarding Fiverr you can contact us on the Fiverr account.

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