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Best Android Notification App In 2021 You Must Know

Android Notification App is to notify the users of any new events or messages, notifications are enhancing the user experience. Even whenever the users don’t operate this application. The notification applications system is for all apps of iOS and Windows. Even though Android notification centers have a lot of shortcomings for the last many years. Likewise, it is still having a lack of ability for displaying the notifications below the set of categories. For example productivity, games or social, etc. Android is a kind of open nature. There are various applications from third-party in the market that serve as notification companies. Here, you will find all these smart android notification apps that assist you to use and manage the free notification apps for android more organized.

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Best Android Notification App

Desktop Notifications app

While using the internet browser on your computer, the desktop notification application will allow you to check the notification pop-ups on your desktop. So now, you not only check the status of the notification on your tablet of mobiles but you also can see now these notifications on your computer desktop.

Heads-up Notification app

With the latest technology of notification, Heads-up is a kind of popup that floats on your screen for instant actions and with showing the text as well. So that way you will be able to read the complete message and can get the replies as notification on your screen. You also have the support to customize your notification application looks those features are built-in likewise in five different ways. One of the special features is the Pocket Detection feature that has the ability to turn on the screen even when your phone is in your pocket. You can put the privacy on by applying the lock screen feature. This notification app is also available in smartwatches.

Notifications Off (Root) 

This application is made for those people who wanted to control their notifications app in some centralized way. It gives you access to turn off your notifications from only one place instead of searching other apps settings on the screen. This application disables automatically all notifications from new applications when they are about to install on your phone and this app always requires root access.

Notification Bubbles

This application brings the notifications on your home screen in such a beautiful way with floating and playing colorful bubbles. This offers Gmail, Instagram, twitter and facebook notifications as popup playing bubbles on your phone screen. That way it makes your access easier to check your missed calls or messages, so you can read or reply to them instantly. You can customize the colors and styles of these bubbles from the settings. You can select special images of bubbles shapes for some specific people who send you messages or calls, for example, you can select a heart-shaped bubble for your dearest ones and the other is todo shape bubble to give you a reminder for any important tasks to complete.

Notification History Log

If you remove your specific notification message unintentionally and you want to get back that same message again? Don’t worry, by using this application to not face this problem again. On the backend, this application generates a log of notifications that you can manage or view easily anytime. You can find detailed information on the advanced setting because of all the messages saved in the history panel. They are set in the group based application that sorts in the timeline and then you can access easily and also export into the Excel text file.

Volume Notification

This application is set in your straight in the notification settings. This open-source application doesn’t need any notifications for permission. You can share or store any media files even when you are using voice calls. Or you can set it as simply apply the audio background. It will work in case your phone device buttons don’t work for any kind of reason.

Talking Notification Girl

This application speaks your notifications in voice including chat, emails, calls or alerts the way you like. There are a lot of notification tweak tones depends on your choice. There is the inbuilt engine of text to speech feature in your mobile device, that you can customize in your own voice or other settings as well. To make it more interesting it comes in an animated avatar on your mobile screen.

Flash Notification

This application is simple and small which gives you the flash alert notifications on your mobile screen. It always blinks the flashlight whenever you get any SMS, calls or notifications. This application is made especially for those people who like to put their mobile phones on silent mode. You will have the in flashlight to change the speed of alert light, put it on volume or keep it on silent with the flashlight, or when your phone battery is low you can turn it off, and also you can set your flashlight notification with the vibrate settings as well. Most people put it in silent mode without any sound and whenever you receive a call or message then it will appear only in the flashlight but without vibrate or sound.

Dynamic Notification

Dynamic notification app allows you to get your notifications on your screen even without unlocking your phones. It appears the time, clock button or any application icon y holding the notification in itself. Most of the phones have notifications like pulsing buttons that never let to know other people that any notifications are coming. It has the options in settings for changing the color background or images, you can hide the details and also adjust the brightness or contrasts. This application does not show the light-up a notification when your phone in your purse, pocket or phone face down. Even though you can use this application in place of locking your screen feature as well.

Smart Notify

Smart Notify is an advanced application to set the calls and SMS manager that popup on your phone window screen as well as the pending SMS, MMS or calls. It also appears in the sound of ringing like a missed call, or notification of a full charging or finished charged the battery and losing the wifi signals. Mostly this application works with social networking apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram google plus or many more.

It also allows you for blocking the unwanted text messages or calls and also you can turn off or on the LED, flashlight for incoming SMS or calls or put them all on a silent mode. Even when you put your phone on vibrator then you will get the notifications on vibration mode after you take out your phone from your pocket. So There are still many more Notifications applications are available in the market that all depends on your choice or your phone settings as well.

Best Android Notification App

List of 10 smart android notification app in 2019 you just need to know about these free notifications app. In daily routines, we absolutely miss something important in our life. if you are using these apps your life is totally changed because these android notification apps will notify you for any new events or messages, notifications are enhancing the user experience. Even you don’t operate this application.


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