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Best Alternates facetime for Android to iPhone

Here In this modern and progressive technology era of time, most people who are searching about Alternates of Facetime For Android apps,Now people have been asking whether this FaceTime app is accessible for Android apps or not? So, after detailed research, we come to this solution that there is no Facetime Apps are available for Android users in the market.

The reason behind this decision is that Facetime is the only product of Apple company. This Facetime application is created for all IOS devices only and people cannot use it for any Android devices. Even more, this application is available only in the app store of iPhone for only iOS users but you will not be able to find it on Google Play Store for all Android users.

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There are hundreds of the website are claiming that they can provide you this Facetime Application for your Android devices, but this is a total scam and making fool the people. But if people mistakenly download this file and when they open it, they get it as a corrupt file, which means it will not work at all. Such types of files are like a threat also to hack or corrupt your system, so you should be aware of all these scammers.

These fake downloads are very dangerous for your computer devices. We notify all readers to be aware of such false statements about the Faceapp is available for you Android Devices, and stay away who claims for having this. Instead of running after these lied scams websites, you can download other alternate Face Apps.

Facetime is an easy and friendly way to talk with your family members and friends, no matter where you are living in any country or any corner around the world. But to connect this app you should have an internet connection a well.

Now the question is if one person has Facetime on his iPhone device but the other person who uses Android Application, doesn’t have this app Google has given some alternate solutions. Just like, Google Duo feature that is just like the Facetime application on iPhone devices. On this feature, both users are free to use this app without paying any additional charges. Here I can tell you that how you can use the Facetime app on both devices, whether it is iPhone or Android devices.

We have the list of Best Alternates of Facetime For Android iPhone and Window users.

Alternates FaceTime for iPhone 

The use of FaceTime on iPhone devices is very much easy, simple and straightforward. When you will launch this app on your iPhone, you will see it’s an interface that seems so easy to use, with the black background and two tabs. Video and Audio also available, even you can make Audio calls only if you want to have only voice conversation without a video.

You will also see a search bar on your iPhone device to search a person from your contact list and can find the person whom you want to talk about or discuss anything. You have to click on the profile of the person, hit on a video icon that will let you make calls. And if the other person does not have this Facetime application, then your call will not be direct to him and it will give you an error message, that will say the person you are calling is not having this feature on his phone.

The people who use this application of Facetime can only talk or video call only one person at a time, and there is no supportive feature available for group calls or chats. The all coming new devices of iOS 12 will give you this special feature for making a video call at least 32 people in one time, but developers are still working on this app and did not released yet. After all, if you are planning to use Facetime on Android then the Apple product is not going to help you in this matter and only the alternate solution is Google Duo is best for you.

FaceTime for Windows

There was a conference held in 2010, by Apple Steve Jobs, and he told that first time we have made FaceTime app for all iPhone users very friendly and easy to use. They had created based open-source industry standards, so in the future, the developers will be able to develop this app not only for iPhones but for Windows and Android as well.

After this Facetime app discovery, people were able to use making video calls from iPhones and Mac systems as well. With the passage of time, people have been discussing to make this app for use of Windows as well but if the person doesn’t have a Mac or iPhone then he will not be able to make video calls from Windows or Android.

Whatsapp Is Alternate of iPhone and Android Facetime

Best Alternates of Facetime For Android and iPhone is WhatsApp. Whatsapp has announced a new feature of Video calling and until now billion of people are using this app. Same like Facebook app also released the people can connect their data for video calling with this app throughout the world.

The best Facetime app and Google video message app Duo, the people are using a lot for years. In the Chat window of WhatsApp, just click on the video call icon, on the top corner and you will be able to make a video call.

In starting days this icon had been used only for audio calls but now when you click it, then you have two options one icon is like a video call and the second is only audio call. So in that way, you could have both options to avail one by one.

You can do multiple actions at a time, for example, while you are listening to an audio call, same time you can open the chatbox and type text anything. Just like that, even if you are on a video call, the same time you can text or message in your chat window as well. You also can uphold the video and can attend another call, and after finishing your conversation you can come back to the first hold caller.

Frankly, which are the best Alternates of Facetime For Android you are using?? Which one is the best alternative you suggest?? I am using Whatsapp. Because WhatsApp is updated Fastest, group video call, Everything is best.

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